So You're Afraid of Group Fitness...

Fear. It keeps us from flying down the Selmon at 100 MPH, from going paddleboarding in shark-infested waters, from trying oysters at a random roadside diner. But it can also keep us from trying new things, things that might benefit us and help us grow.

Group fitness will undoubtedly change the way you work out. Maybe you’re used to getting your sweat on by yourself in your local gym. Imagine instead getting up in the morning excited to ride to the rhythm of the Cycle room- oh, and did we mention you can ride up to 10-12 miles in a class? Or maybe you’re used to running the same route outside every day. Picture getting pushed outside of your comfort zone by one of our amazing Circuit coaches and running harder than you've ever run before. You won’t need to stalk Instagram for #fitspo anymore- you'll get instant motivation the second you walk inside our studio. I mean, don't you want to master handstand like these fine folks? 


Yet still, that fear remains. It can be scary to walk into a new place where you don’t know anyone to do something you’ve never tried before. But what if I told you that one of our CAMP Counselors would be waiting for you to give you a tour and introduce you to your instructor? What if you could walk away from your first class with a host of new friends, no creepy dating/friend-making apps required? I’m looking at you Bumble BFF.


Because that’s the awesome thing- CAMP is more than just a group fitness studio. It’s a social experience, a place to get sweaty and laugh with your friends, a place to meet up for a workout before dinner at FK. It’s a workout built upon the nostalgia of our younger days, when all we wanted was for school to end and summer camp to begin. 

CAMP will change your life- if you let it. So come as you are, because here’s the thing about us, courtesy of CAMP Director Jamie Lanza: “None of us are normal people.” We’ll welcome you with open arms and save you a seat at brunch on Saturdays. Because that’s just the kind of fam we are- happy, obsessed with each other, and only a little dysfunctional.


We love you already. So pay us a visit, okay?