January CAMPer of the Month: Che Sturridge!

Che Sturridge knows how to make a good first impression. Maybe you were among the 50-ish people in Hip Hop Flow the night he yelled out his appreciation to Jamie for putting his favorite Justin Bieber song on the playlist. You're not supposed to talk in yoga, but when everyone bursts into laughter, you kinda can't be mad. Che is unapologetically himself and unbelievably dedicated to supporting the growth of CAMP, and that's what everyone here loves so much about him. So when it was time to pick our first CAMPer of the Month for 2017, he was an obvious choice. Read on to find out a little more about why Che loves CAMP, and why his spirit animal isn't just your average lion. 


Do you remember your first class at CAMP? Tell me more. 

I was supposed to do a circuit class with my buddy Matt, but somehow, I got the times messed up. I showed up 10 minutes late and ended up in Lauren B's Cycle class. The room was completely packed, and it took me an extra 5-8 minutes to clip in, so I felt like the spotlight was on me from the moment I walked in the door. But then she played my favorite song, one by Major Lazer, and I immediately got into the vibe of the class. Now, I'm much more used to my routine here, but it was a total cluster in the beginning! 

What do you love the most about CAMP? 

Definitely the people. CAMP has such a family atmosphere, and to me, the workouts are almost secondary to that feeling I get from being here. Every time I come in, I see familiar faces, where everyone is like-minded and on the same page. I feel like a VIP when I come to CAMP- it isn't like other gyms where there's high staff turnover and I'm just counting the minutes until I can leave. I come early and leave late. That's how much I love being here. 

How else do you get your sweat on? 

I go to the gym and lift weights at least two days a week, but I'm at CAMP most of the time. I take at least one class of each type a week here. 


Proudest CAMP accomplishment?

I’m always trying to get people to join, and I had this one friend who used to be a regular at Bella Prana. I had told her about CAMP and she kept dragging her feet about coming, but one Wednesday, she finally agreed to come to Hip Hop Flow. Somehow, I ended up doing a Circuit class right before and then running to the yoga building for Hip Hop Flow immediately after- I didn't even get a break in between. Both of those classes are so tough, and putting them together was the hardest workout of my life. But my friend and the friend she brought with her both signed up for CAMP that day, so it was worth it!  

What’s your spirit animal? 

Oh, that's a tough one... I'd say a lion, but not just any lion. An experienced lion, like one of the ones that is chill and calculated, not one of the younger ones chasing everything he sees. I like to sit back and observe situations, so yeah. A veteran lion.

Favorite CRG Restaurant? 

Green Lemon! I love their street tacos. 

New Years Resolution?

I really want to start valuing my personal life over work. I'm in Sales, and I've started to notice that my mood is heavily dependent on my sales week. Yoga has helped me a lot, but I want to start cultivating more of a work-life balance.