Lauren B. for President (But Actually, Vote Her Tampa's Best Actress)

Lauren Buglioli is a force to be reckoned with. When we first opened, she spent most of her waking hours handing out class cards, telling everyone to check out that cool new fitness studio that just opened behind Datz (ahem CAMP). When she came on as Director of Shenanigans, she helped orchestrate many of our best events to date, including a body-positive collaboration with lululemon and several Pedal for Purpose rides that support local charities. And of course, she's known for her epic themed playlists, as well as her ability to look hot as hell while riding a stationary bicycle. However, a lot of you probably don't know that she's an actress, and a damn good one at that. She starred most recently in The Great Gatsby as Daisy, one of her dream roles, and she brought even more fire to the stage than the audience thought possible. Thus, it is no surprise that she's been nominated for Best Actress in Tampa by Creative Loafing. Read on to find out more about Lauren B. and her life outside of CAMP- because yes it exists, and yes, it is FABULOUS. 


1) When did you start acting & what got you into it? What was your first production? 

I was born in Los Angeles. I came out of the womb belting. Some "medical professionals" called it crying but I assure you I was singing. I’ve always loved performing and and shot my first commercial for Hallmark when I was 2. 

2) How has your acting career evolved over the years? 

It’s a tough industry so I’ve left and returned in different capacities over time. I worked in LA, New York and London but Tampa has been my favorite place to work because I’ve found a work/life balance and environment here that makes me really happy. 

3) Best show you've been in and why?

GAH! I can’t pick one. I’m excited about the show I’ll be in this October, “Disaster”, because I get to play a nun with a gambling addiction. She’s described as “an awkward women with enormous glasses”, which I feel like is who I am in my soul. Also, kinda very much who I am openly in public every day, but I’m working on that. Yoga helps. #AD #CAMPtampa 


4) What keeps you involved in it, even when you're exhausted? 

I remember living in Los Angeles and hearing my acting coach talk about a student who was on a major TV show and shooting a film in Paris and complaining about how tired she was. I just thought, I didn’t ever want to be the person who dreamed big and then complained about abundance. I get tired, and then I get coffee. I am constantly reminding myself how fortunate I am to be juggling things that I love. It’s also easy to push through exhaustion when you truly love what you do. Also, napping. Napping also. 

5) Dream role and why?

I would love to play Jenna in “Waitress”. It’s a musical about a woman who finds herself by embracing her imperfect journey… um… hi… (dat me). It’s a beautiful story that I really identify with and would love to tell. 

6) How has teaching at CAMP changed the game for you as an actress? 

It’s the first job I’ve ever had that is flexible enough to allow me to pursue theatre without having to leave my position when I book a gig. I teach in the mornings so my days can remain flexible for rehearsals or auditions and then the evenings are open for shows. It also has made me so much stronger mentally and physically. My focus, lung capacity, energy level and determination have all increased dramatically (no pun intended, promise) since I began teaching cycle. I’m also fulfilled every single day working at CAMP, so booking a role is icing on the cake. 

7) What do you love about teaching?

The riders. You don’t know how much it means to us when you say you enjoy class, like a playlist or love coming to CAMP. Our team has worked so hard to build this studio that when we hear you love it, it gives us all dem feels. I also find teaching cycle really does change how I show up for my life. For example, I had a big audition in January, and I was really nervous because I really wanted to book it. I challenged myself to reframe it and enjoy the process… because if I tell riders to do it for themselves, I betta get on board and practice what I preach. It’s helped me catch myself in moments of fear and realize… it’s just not so serious. I can choose to have fun and see it as an opportunity I’m lucky to have. I’ve found fear is a choice. If you call it excitement or passion, the energy shifts. Must be science. 


8) Do you think there's a relation between your love for teaching and acting? 

Yes. Big time. I get butterflies before every show and before every class I teach. When I’m waiting in the wings backstage I always tell myself this will be the best show yet, focus on being present and giving it my all. I do the same thing before every class. I want to deliver the best class I can to every rider, and I recognize they’re getting their booty out of bed to come werk it out. I don’t take that for granted. 

9) What would you do if you won best actress? 

While it would be amazing, there are so many insanely talented people in this town, I would want to pull an Adele, cry (obvi) and share it with the other actresses in town who inspire me. This is a town full of Beyonces. That’s right. I said it. 

10) Fave way to decompress: 

Um…. I’m a 97 year old woman at heart. I take a lot of bubble baths. I am essentially dating Dr. Teals and I ain’t sorry. 

Vote for Lauren HERE. Seriously. You better do it. 

Instructor of the Month: DANIELLE!

Danielle has been with us since CAMP opened, and there's a reason behind that. Every class we take with her becomes one of our favorites- her energy is contagious, and no one can double time quite like her. We wanted to spotlight one of our Cycle instructors in honor of Tour de CAMP, and Danielle immediately came to mind. We're so excited for y'all to learn a little bit more about her and why she loves CAMP! Read on to find out. 


1) When did you start teaching Cycle? 

I started training in June 2016, and I officially began when CAMP opened in August. 

2) What prompted you to start teaching? 

I’ve always loved cycling and when Jen told me she was opening a beat-based cycling studio, it definitely piqued my interest. I danced my entire life and have a passion for music, fitness and motivating people to let loose and have fun, so I thought this would be an amazing challenge and opportunity. A year later it has been more rewarding than I ever expected. I get to inspire people to challenge themselves, forget about their worries, have fun and leave with a smile.

3) What did you do before you started teaching here at CAMP? 

I taught dance (and still do) at Mary Jo’s Performing Arts Academy and am a Mom to two energetic and crazy boys.


4) What is your favorite thing about working for CAMP? 

The PEOPLE… all of them... our customers, staff, kids and the energy you feel when walking into CAMP. It is indescribable and leaves you wanting to come back. You get to see people’s lives change, reach their goals and build new friendships each day. It is now my home away from home. I miss it when I am not there and can’t wait to go back.

5) Favorite class to take and why? 

Can’t decide…I LOVE them all.

6) What has been your favorite class taught to date? 

The ride that was probably my favorite was the Breast Cancer Ride for Melissa Dempsey. It was amazing to see all of her closest friends and family fill the room and surprise her. She had no idea what was going on and to see her walk into the room and see her friends and all the words of encouragement they wrote on the mirror was priceless. It touched my heart and so many others that day.

My favorite theme ride was the 90's Hip Hop ride with Kim. We had so much fun planning it together and seeing everyone dress up in 90s attire.


7) What do you do outside of CAMP for fun? 

I love spending time with my family either on the boat, golfing or going to the beach. I am always up for an adventure or spontaneous activity so if someone texts me to go somewhere or do something I am usually always up for the fun.

8) What is your favorite CRG restaurant? What do you order? 

Green Lemon is my favorite and my family’s favorite too. We go every Sunday and I get a beer and the Street Tacos (sometimes the Loco Nachos with Chicken). 

9) How do you get revved up to teach? 

Well listening to my playlist always gets me fired up without a doubt (how could it not), but I have been known to have an espresso shot or two as well. Just for the extra boost. LOL

10) How do you unwind/treat yoself? 

After a morning class I treat myself to another coffee (no joke only a Flat White instead of an espresso shot) and at night I like to watch a show with my family before I put my kids to bed.

CAMPer of the Month: Kristin!

Kristin Thurston is not just our CAMPer of the month for July- she also happens to be a straight badass, and we're so thankful that Che brought her into our studio. First of all, she is the co-owner of the USA Ambassador Pageant, which is much more than your typical beauty pageant. She's also a cancer survivor, and she'll be celebrating her third year in remission next month. We love getting to see her smiling face at CAMP, and we're pumped to have all of y'all get to know her as well! Read on for more info about why she loves coming to CAMP and how she treats herself after a tough workout! 


1) Where are you from? What do you do here in Tampa? 

I grew up in New Hampshire, but I have called Tampa home since 1999, when I made the choice to attend The University of Tampa. My day time job includes being a regional trainer for, covering the the entire state of Florida. My passion is being the co-owner of the USA Ambassador Pageant with my mom, which is a charity driven organization that promotes success through leadership, integrity, character and confidence to its pageant contestants. I love to travel and recently came back from Iceland and Ireland and have a trip planned for August in Cuba. I spend my time with my 2 fur babies, volunteering with various organizations, and I now can say I am proud to include being a Happy CAMPer :) 

2) What first brought you into CAMP? 

Che, who I have known since college, had been telling me about it for months...I knew in my heart that I would finally give it a try when the timing was right. He was very persistent and finally convinced me, and I have been hooked every since.

3) What kept you coming back after your first time? 

All of the staff and instructors are fantastic, as well as the people who attend CAMP... it is a very encouraging, passionate, and dynamic environment, and the energy is contagious! Also the fact there is such a variety of classes to choose from is key for me and my ever-changing work schedule. 

4) Favorite class, if you have one? Favorite instructor? 

That is such a difficult question for me to answer, because all the classes and instructors have been fantastic. Each time I take a class I walk out feeling fantastic, and I enjoy each one for different reasons. The Cycle/Yoga Blend on Monday morning is a great start to the week, and a Circuit class in the evening is a great way to tone. Lauren B is probably the only person who can get my butt excited for a 6AM class, her energy and smile is contagious. Lance's classes probably push me the hardest, and Nancy "Coach Oates" is always fun and challenging.


5) What makes CAMP different from other fitness studios in the area? 

The energy is so different here... everyone is competitive, but supportive. The variety of class types and instructors combines several boutique style workouts into one- previously I had tried studios that focused on just one element (Cycle, Barre, or Circuit). I love the fact that I now have a facility where I have so many choices, and that each instructor brings something different to each class, so it never gets boring. Plus the fact that classes are offered at all hours of the day including weekends makes it a definite plus. Working out every day never gets boring because of this. You can always change your classes up depending upon how your body is feeling that day- it's fantastic. 

6) How has CAMP changed the game for you, in terms of fitness/health?

Although CAMP is still new for me (I have been only attending for 1 1/2 months), the fact that I look forward every day to attending classes is unbelievable. I have found a new love again for fitness... when I was younger, fitness and sports was a huge part of my life. After battling cancer almost four years ago (I celebrate my 3 years in remission next month), it was difficult getting back into a routine of working out...I always knew I had that drive deep down inside, but I needed something to bring the motivation out in me again. While I have some personal goals that I would like to achieve, I have never felt better both physically and mentally. CAMP has brought fitness back into my lifestyle, instead of just a temporary fix to lose weight.  

7) What is your favorite way to refuel post-workout? 

Depends on the day, but a good low calorie fruit smoothie from Smoothie King is my treat on occasion after a workout. 

8) How do you treat yoself? 

A good glass of wine is the easy way I treat myself...I also enjoy traveling, so I will now be incorporating fitness while traveling, to stay on point with my goals. 


9) Favorite workout apparel brand? 

Honestly I am not picky at all when it comes to my favorite work out brand. I wear Under Armour, Nike, Old Navy... whatever makes me feel good, and if it's on sale, even better :) If I want to splurge I love Lorna Jane Apparel! 

10) Do you believe in having a workout buddy? If so, who do you work out with? 

I think having a workout buddy is a fantastic way to keep you on track, as well as a fun way to keep you motivated. I was fortunate I started this journey at CAMP with my dear friend Dustin, although what I love about Camp is that it has given me the self-motivation to attend classes regardless. But having someone is definitely a plus and always fun. 

WTF is Inflammation?

At CAMP, we're big proponents of treating yourself post-workout with whatever your heart desires, whether that's a donut from Dough or a six bowl from Fresh Kitchen. Diets are a waste of time, and we work too hard to skimp on food. However, we love the idea of improving our performance here at CAMP through what we eat. Inflammation has been a big buzz word in the health community for a while now, and we wanted to investigate the truth behind the term, as well as how it impacts our workouts and our lifestyles. We asked Danielle Bertiger, a close friend and future RD who is pursuing her Master's in Nutrition at Columbia, to enlighten us and help us understand why inflammation is important. Beyond the Western perspective, we also sought some insight from one of our yoga teachers, Brittany, who is currently in school at the Ayurvedic Institute. Read on to find out why inflammation sucks and what you can do about it! 

So to start... what exactly is inflammation? From a scientific perspective, Danielle tells us: 

"Inflammation is the body's immune response reacting against internal damage. Acute inflammation is more visible to the naked eye, quickly resolved, and less harmful long-term. It manifests as swelling, redness, heat, and pain. (I.e. a cut, bruise or burn). Chronic inflammation, however, is usually undetected until it becomes a serious problem, such as hypertension or coronary heart disease. Even though both activate the same response system, chronic inflammation starts out on a cellular level- it's low-grade and unnoticeable, but overtime the cumulative effect of activating these inflammatory response proteins in the body can overwork the system and lead to irreparable damage." 

Essentially, inflammation can be a good thing when it activates our immune system and helps us heal injuries or minor illnesses. For example, if you've ever wiped out doing a headstand in Yoga and bruised yourself, inflammation would help you heal and get right back into your practice, pain-free. However, inflammation can be harmful when it's insidiously occurring in the background, and it can manifest in a number of ways before it becomes truly life-threatening. Some say that depression, fatigue, and stomach issues are symptoms of inflammation, so if you've been eating a ton of donuts and noticing that your mood has been a little off lately, it might be time to check in with what you're eating. 

But what specific foods cause inflammation, and what can we do to prevent it? Danielle states that "Omega 6 fatty acids, trans fats, refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, red meat, and dairy are pro-inflammatory," while "Omega 3 fatty acids, dark leafy greens, extra virgin olive oil, blueberries, ginger, turmeric, and green tea are anti-inflammatory." As a future RD, Danielle is all about reducing inflammation by focusing on incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet- not necessarily cutting all of the inflammatory foods out. So maybe you substitute one of your daily coffees with a green tea and go meatless at Fresh Kitchen by subbing tofu or even poke for your typical order of steak. The options are truly endless- it's just about finding ways to sneak health into your lifestyle without driving yourself crazy. 


Danielle also recommends changing up your lifestyle, because inflammation is a result of much more than just our food choices. Stress is a major cause of chronic inflammation, so getting your butt to Yoga could be a game-changer, especially if you work a stressful job. Also, make sure you're getting enough sleep, even if that means hitting snooze and skipping an early workout. Sleep is your body's chance to recover, so make sure you're always getting enough, especially with how hard you're pushing yourself here at CAMP. Danielle also recommends cleaning up your personal care products and treating them like food- "your skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs skincare products into your bloodstream, so you should understand what the ingredients in your products are!" 

We found it pretty interesting that Brittany, coming from an Ayurvedic perspective, had very similar things to say regarding inflammation and how to heal it. This shows that the issue is of equal importance, no matter which school of thought you agree with, and that it can be effectively fixed, if you implement the agreed-upon suggestions. Brittany states: 

"Ayurveda considers most, if not all cases of inflammation are usually due to excess pitta in the body. Our digestion and our mind are usually the two places we notice our first signs of Pitta in excess. If you notice you've become agitated more easily or even noticed changes in your stool, it's quite possible your Pitta is in excess. To help pacify pitta and reduce inflammation, try eating a good balance of lightly cooked and raw fresh vegetables. Try implementing cooling spices like coriander, fennel and cardamom. Avoid highly processed foods, anything fried, red meat, stimulants, salty, pungent and sour tastes. Sweet and calming music and smells don't hurt either." 

So instead of loading your plate up with spicy, salty foods, try focusing more on cooling foods and herbs. And it might be time to finally invest in some essential oils! Taking a whiff of a calming blend can be incredibly helpful when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and according to Ayurveda, it can reduce pitta in the body, which contributes to chronic inflammation. 

Long story short: take care of yourself. You're working your butt off at CAMP, and you deserve to feel your absolute best. But never (NEVER) allow yourself to feel guilty for eating what you love. CAMP is a part of CRG, and we love food more than y'all could ever imagine. So run on over to Green Lemon, get yourself some chips and guacamole, and then come home and sip on some green tea. Because #Balance. 

Ask A Physical Therapist!

This week, our guest blogger is Brittany Davis, a physical therapist and a devoted member of our CAMP family. If you've ever had any aches and pains after class, this post is for you. Read on to find out how to prevent muscle soreness and so much more! 

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that we’ve probably all heard the quote, “Knowledge is power.” You may not agree with that statement completely, but when it comes down to it, I think we can all agree that knowledge gives us the ability to make better decisions. This applies to everything, including our health and fitness. As a physical therapist, my duty is to help my clients feel and move at a optimal and pain-free level, and also to make sure they have the power (in terms of knowledge) to continue to do so.

The questions and answers I am about to share with you are the most frequently asked, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve wondered these things yourself… and maybe even during or after a killer workout session at CAMP. No need to fret, though! You’ll now have the information you need to keep making those gains.


Question #1 – Should I stretch before or after I workout?

The confusion regarding stretching comes down to the fact that many people mistake “stretching” with “warming up.” It doesn’t help that different stretching techniques add to the confusion. So, you should understand that it’s not so much a problem of “when” to stretch but more of the “how” that matters.

To start, a warm-up is very important and should be an essential piece of your exercise routine since it can help prevent injury. So, how should you warm up? The most beneficial warm-up routine would be made up of light aerobic exercise and dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching actually involves movement and is held for shorter periods of time, typically less than 10 seconds. The easiest way to perform this type of stretch is to complete your normal stretching routine with only six repetitions, holding each for six seconds. Stretching this way prior to your workout can actually increase your muscular performance.

What you want to avoid before exercise is the long-hold static stretches, where you sit in a stretch for 30 seconds or more. Because this type of stretch is meant to improve your range of motion, it actually causes micro-tears in the muscle causing decreased muscle performance. Ain’t nobody got time for that during Circuit! If you are looking to increase your range of motion though, try this type of stretch when you aren’t about to hit the weights… or the curved treadmill.

Question #2 – My hamstrings are always so tight, even with stretching! What gives?

Real talk… Until you figure out why your muscles are feeling tight, you will not resolve the issue. But, if you’ve been stretching consistently without change and you are wondering what the deal is, it may be that it’s actually not the hamstrings that need to be stretched.

Your pelvic tilt can play a huge role in how the muscles in your back and legs feel. Shortened hip flexors at the front of the pelvis pull the front of the pelvis downwards. This causes the back of pelvis, where the hamstrings attach, to be pulled upwards putting those hammies into extension! So, stretching the hamstrings wouldn’t be fixing the issue at all. You actually would need to balance the pelvis out by stretching your hip flexors so that your hamstrings could settle into their normal length.


Question #3 – I have pain during a certain technique/position, does this mean I should stop doing it?

The first thing to come to terms with is that our body’s ability to feel pain/discomfort is a very good thing. The reason you feel pain is because you did something that your brain perceived to be a threat. If you are training without focusing on technique and causing irritation, your brain may associate a certain movement with pain so that you avoid that positioning long enough for the area to heal.

Next time you are performing a technique that doesn’t feel so good, there are a few steps you can take to get back on the right track. Very rarely does someone need to completely avoid or stop a certain exercise due to pain.

·      Grab your phone and take a video of yourself completing the exercise in question. Check out your form. What’s it looking like? Is there anything you can change or improve upon that may be contributing to the pain?

·      Let your class instructor check it out too. Maybe they’ll see something that you are missing!

·      Pay close attention to the movement to see if it’s at a certain range in the particular motion. If so, don’t push through that pain zone. The exercise can be performed, if applicable, without hitting that range until the irritation has calmed down.

·      Lighten the load and focus on form!

·      You want to be sure to figure out why the pain is there. If you have trouble figuring it out, get some help!

Question #4 – Is there a “right” way to squat?

The ideal squat form is individualized and depends on your unique anatomy. Gone are the days where everyone’s toes are facing forward! Even though proper form differs from person to person, there are things you should be mindful of.

Here are some pointers for overall form that everyone should focus on:

·      The feet are your stable base. Your weight shouldn’t be shifting too far forward or backward. If there is instability, check out your ankle mobility to see if it’s lacking.

·      The knees should track over your feet in a symmetrical position. If the knees fall inward or outward, this could be coming from a lack of control.

·      Your spine should remain neutral.

·      When coming out of the squat, your hips and chest should rise at the same time.

Adequate squat form is a balance between mobility and motor control. If you find that your form is out of whack, test your ankle and hip mobility first. To check ankle mobility, half-kneel with your front foot about four inches from a wall and try to bring your knee to the wall. Your hip mobility can be tested while lying on your back. You should be able to bring your knee to your chest. If you find that you aren’t lacking in either but your form isn’t the best it could be, it may be due to insufficient motor control. That’ll take some re-training.


Thank you for reading! Stay golden, y’all! If anyone ever has any questions or concerns, feel free to find me around CAMP or shoot me an email at! I’d love to help!

Brittany Davis, PT, DPT, ATC
Owner of Level Up Physiotherapy
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer

*All content created for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing pain or looking to optimize your movement, schedule a free 15-minute phone call with me to discuss steps to handle this. Always seek advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read online.