+ What is CAMP?

Here’s the thing about summer camp. If you’ve never been, you can’t know the feeling of being there. And if you have gone, you’ll have trouble describing it accurately to someone who hasn’t (although that description is likely to include calamine lotion). Camp is so much more than a place to play sports, make crafts, and cook over a fire. Camp is fun. Camp is friends. Camp is escape. Camp is action. Camp is another world.

So why should kids have all the fun? With CAMP TAMPA, we set out to create a place that not only improves your body, but improves your life. CAMP is more than a fitness studio. Choose your own adventure.

+ This all sounds great, but I want a place to work out, not to play Red Rover…

When we say that CAMP is more than a fitness studio, we mean it’s a fitness studio and so much more. Emphasis on the fitness studio part. CAMP brings to Tampa the best instructors carefully chosen by CAMP Directors Jamie and Jen, who quite literally went around the globe to find the most qualified, most innovative, most inspiring trainers anywhere. Seriously, this is like the Power Rangers of fitness experts. Some of them even wear shiny spandex. CAMP also provides the latest fitness equipment (including the Stages Cycle, the Woodway Treadmill, the Manduka yoga mats, all the best available – seriously, look it up. On ANOTHER page. Don’t leave this page.)

Meanwhile, you should really check out our Ultimate Precision Red Rover class. (Please note: that’s not a thing.)

+ What makes you different than other studios?

We’re pretty proud of the world-class instructors and fancy equipment stuff, but we’re also proud of the fact that we don’t know of any other group fitness studios where you can take circuit training classes and yoga classes and cycling classes AND yoga/cycling classes (yes, that’s a thing – check out our Blend [link to Blend class] class!) AND Childcare all in the same place. A place that’s warm and welcoming and non-judgmental… and in South Tampa! Near you! BAM!

+ Do I need to be in top shape before I come?

That would be kind of silly, wouldn’t it? Requiring you to go to a gym before coming to a gym? No, CAMP is a place where people of all fitness levels come to find the best version of themselves. You don’t have to be in shape to come to CAMP. But you will be when you leave.

+ Can I bring friends to CAMP with me?

How many besties do you have? Do you want more? If you do, then by all means, bring them along! CAMP is all about friends – the ones you already have and the ones you make here. Just arrive a few minutes early so they can sign a waiver.

+ How do I sign up?

That’s the CAMP spirit! Go to our Buy Classes page. When you try to buy classes, you’ll be asked to create an account.

+ What should I expect when I come for my first class?

Expect to sweat! But before that, you should arrive 15 minutes early and let the front desk staff know that it's your first visit. A CAMP staff member will assist you in getting cycling shoes (unless you’re taking a yoga class, duh), or a mat and mat towel (unless you’re taking a cycling class, double duh) and take you through a quick orientation to get you ready. But if we know you (and we will soon), you were born ready.

+ What if I need to cancel?

No problem. We’ll just need a one month notice. KIDDING! We ask that you cancel 8 hours before class to avoid a $10 late fee, or a loss of credit. If you’re running late, please call us and we’ll hold your spot for five minutes. If not, at the start time of class, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist. We close the class after five minutes, in order to not disrupt.

Wanna switch to a different class? Please call the front desk and they will happily fix for you, if a spot is available.

+ What happens if I'm on a waitlist?

If a spot in the class becomes available and you are on the top of the waitlist, the system will automatically enroll you in the class, up to two hours before, and you will receive an email notifying you that you've been enrolled in the class. You can remove yourself from the waitlist and should do so if you no longer want to or are able to attend the class, otherwise you are subject to the loss of a class credit or a 'no show' fee.

+ Do you offer monthly memberships?

Of course! And with a membership you can try any of our amazing activities (a.k.a. classes). Learn more on our Buy Classes Page.

+ Does CAMP offer discounts?

It would be kinda mean if we put this in our FAQ just to say “NO.” (And probably pretty cruddy marketing). Yes, we have a number of packages, and the more classes in a package, the lower the per-class price. We also have some great monthly membership(s).

+ Do you offer childcare while I’m in class?

Has your child ever been arrested? KIDDING! What kind of camp wouldn’t allow kids? We entertain campers from 6 months old to 8 years old at a minimal cost. See more here.

+ Can I take class while pregnant?

You’ll have to ask your doctor, but there are many workouts that are not only appropriate for pregnant women but actually recommended. But we’d love to have you in class. And we won’t even charge you for the extra person.


+ What should I wear to my CAMP Cycle class?

For CAMP Cycle, biking shorts or athletic leggings work best, since they won’t interfere with the pedals. For sensitive tushies, padded cycling shorts can make your ride more comfortable. If you have your own cycling shoes, our bikes will work with any SPD clip. If not, no worries, we have shoe rentals, but you’ll need to bring your own socks. Because rentable socks… well, just no.

+ Do you rent cycling shoes?

We do! Just $2. And since we’re so generous, we’ll rent you the left shoe for free. ;) Shoe rentals are included in the monthly unlimited.

+ Do I really need cycling shoes?

Only if you’re cycling. You see, cycling shoes enable you to pedal more efficiently and with less fatigue. The stiffness of the shoe enables you to transfer power to the pedals and provides extra support for your feet so they don't cramp. Cycling shoes are fitted with clips that you snap right into the pedals, which provides a seamless transfer of energy from your leg to the bike. BONUS, you burn more calories!

Camp Circuit

+ What should I wear to CAMP Circuit?

Comfortable athletic wear and athletic shoes. That’s all we ask. Mix patterns! Wear day-glo! Wear navy blue and black together!! It’s your life – live it large.

+ What is circuit training?

Here’s what circuit training isn’t – boring. Circuit training is moving quickly between multiple different exercises, keeping the heart rate up and the muscles working. CAMP Circuit is one of the most varied workouts you’ll ever have. You’ll move from our Woodway self-propelled treadmills to medicine balls to suspension trainers to bodyweight exercises and more. And the benefits are many. It’s a full-body workout (which burns more calories), your metabolism stays boosted for hours afterwards (which burns more calories), it builds muscle (which burns more calories), and it also – wait for it – burns more calories!

+ Hold up. Go back a couple of sentences. Did you say… self-propelled treadmill?

Good eyes! Yes, our top of the line Woodway treadmills (recognized as the best in the world) utilize a unique curved running surface where you are the motor. The Curve challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.


+ Yoga Studio Etiquette

Here are a few helpful rules that will make your yoga experience even better:

Please remove your shoes when entering the yoga building. We promise not to put them on and run around in them yelling “look at me – I’m like a little girl in mommy’s big shoes!”

Sign in at the front desk before proceeding to lockers, to change, or to the studio. We get really sad when you don’t say hello.

The studio/hot-room is a silent space. Feel free to socialize and catch up with friends in the waiting area/lobby but please practice silence upon entering the hot-room.

No personal belongings are permitted in the studio (this includes bags, purses, keys, and especially cell phones) - Lockers are provided with built in locks for your valuables.

The yoga building in general is a cell-phone free zone. At the very least, please make sure it is on silent in your locker while you are in class. Candy Crush can wait.

Please refrain from using heavy scents or perfumes - many people are sensitive or allergic. Besides, you’ll just sweat that expensive stuff off.

Once the class starts, please avoid going in and out of class.

+ What should I wear to CAMP Yoga?

You could try yoga pants. They ain’t called yoga pants for nothing. But really, any comfortable athletic wear will do. But leave the shoes and socks in the locker. Naked feet are happy feet.

+ Are mats and towels available for rent for $2 each?

Why, yes! Your questions are so astute! Monthly unlimited includes mat and towel rentals.

+ I'm interested in hot yoga. Where is a good place to start?

We suggest you start with the Root class, which is designed to give beginners a great start in hot yoga. And here are some tips to get you started. 1) Bring water. Drink whenever you want to. 2) Go at your own pace. 3) Stop whenever you want to and jump back in when you’re ready.

+ How hot is the studio?

We set the temperature for our hot yoga classes to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while our unheated yoga classes are kept around a chilly 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

+ Why would I want to do yoga in a hot studio?

So many reasons! The heat allows for detoxification through sweat, opens tight areas of the body, and promotes circulatory health. This is a practice that transforms from the inside out, that allows for boundless exploration and limitless growth along with people going through the same stuff on the mat right next to you.

+ How early should I arrive?

For your first time - 20 minutes. 22 minutes if you’re one of those people who has to listen to the end of the song on the car radio before turning it off. If it’s not your first time at CAMP, 15 should do. Unfortunately, anyone who arrives later than 5 minutes will join class after intermission. And unfortunately, there’s no intermission.

+ Any tips for my first yoga class?

That is such a good question! (Why, thank you!) Don’t eat anything super heavy 1-2 hours before class (but eating something small is a good idea for the energy you’ll need). Don’t drink caffeine (caffeine dehydrates, and you’re already going to be losing fluids from all the sweating). Don’t bring a flimsy disposable plastic bottle in the hot room – bring or buy a reusable bottle and refill it it from our filtered water station. Don’t wipe off your sweat during class – let that fit flag fly! And last but not least, don’t worry! Our teachers are very attentive and knowledgeable. It’ll be fun, promise!