FOR THE CAMPER who likes to feel the burn


Hey, hot stuff, wanna get even hotter? CAMP’s non-stop Hot Interval Training (HIT!) workout keeps you moving through a series of Tabata-style movements utilizing bands, weights, mats, blocks, and our TRX suspension trainers. The high rep, low weight exercises tone your muscles while the added heat elevates your core temperature, giving you a better burn than you ever thought possible. You won’t stop until you drop (because breaks are for the breakroom). Can’t stop, won’t stop!

You’re going to be the biggest HIT at CAMP after this 50 minute total-body, non-stop interval training based class incorporating powerful plyometric work and deep isometric movements. We use the TRX suspension trainer, hand weights, fast paced movements and a heated room to get your heart rate up. Hot Full Body brings the energy with upbeat music and a serious challenge. After a few of these classes, they’ll be roasting marshmallows on your blazing hot bod.

It gets hot down South, right? Hot Ass & Abs is Hot Interval Training exclusively for your legs, core and booty. We focus the strength training on your lower half, while the heat brings the sweat, so you can show off your best ASSets. Get in here and be a badass with a good ass. Headline: Florida Man/Woman Arrested for Packing Heat.

Our Hot Interval Training for your upper body will definitely make you arm candy. Actually, more like hard candy. In Florida, where suns out, guns out is a way of life, this class utilizes plyometrics, isometrics, TRX work and weights to make you armed and dangerous. You’ll feel the heat in class, but you’ll feel the burn for days.

What do you get when you put low-impact Pilates together with high-energy Hot Interval Training? You get SEXY! (Duh). You also get CAMP’s Hot Pilates, a beat-based class that’s as perfect a combo as chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. And it might even make you scream, give me s’more! Even the smoking hot campfire won’t hold a candle to you after a few Hot Pilates sessions.



Remember the incredible feeling of winning a Tug of War? You felt it in your arms, your legs, your core...TRX is the modern version, using your body weight and the latest advancements, including padded handles to make nasty rope burn of thing of the past.



There’s never a danger of being the kid with the oldest mat at CAMP, because we have all-rubber recyclable Manduka mats for rent for $2. Good for the environment, good for your body and good for your bank account.



No one wants to slide from a downward facing dog into a flat dog. That’s why we have super-absorbent, freshly-laundered mat towels for rent for $2. (They're also very snuggly, in case you decide to take a nap during savasana.)



You’re gonna sweat (a lot). We’ve got you covered. Literally. Fresh, clean towels provided to all CAMPers. (Towels enhanced with anti-snapping technology to prevent unpleasant locker room flashbacks.)



Like we just said, you’re going to sweat (see the towel stuff). With so much water going out, you'll need to get it back in. Bring your own bottle and fill it with our filtered-water (only the best for our CAMPers), or buy bottled water at the CAMP general store.



No need to hide your stuff under your bunk. Just stash your prized possessions in our combination lockers before class and don’t worry about a thing. Except, of course, remembering the combination.



No one wants to leave CAMP, but when you do, you’ll leave smelling like a Spring day. We’ve got five showers onsite, as well as a full inventory of bath and body products. There will be no signs of your intense workout. Red Rover, Red Rover, send hottie right over!.