Strap yourself in for the ride of your life! CAMP Cycle brings to Tampa a high-energy, music-based cycling experience that tones muscle, blasts fat, and burns calories.

Whether you're looking for a cardio dance party or to tone your hiney, the rhythm will be your guide. With our interactive, integrated bikes, you can track your metrics, compete with your fellow CAMPers (CAMP Olympics!), or just challenge your own personal best. Our well-rounded classes offer a focus on core and an upper body workout with our hand weight routines. In the music-driven, low-lit experience, you’ll reach new physical peaks and have a blast doing it.


45 minutes of high-intensity, rhythm-based riding. Expect to get a full-body workout as you curl to the beat with hand weights and crunch it out in the saddle. Our instructors are also your DJ's, so prepare yourselves for a cardio dance party - no ID's required for entry. 


25 minutes of Cycle, followed by 25 minutes of Yoga. Get your heart pumping in the Cycle room, then head over to our Yoga studio for an equal balance of power and zen. This is one of our most challenging offerings, but it's also a great option for newbies, so come one, come all! 



If you’re looking for a physical challenge that will increase your stamina while you strengthen your muscles, then Cycle-Circuit Blend is the class for you. This total body workout is a blend of 25 minutes of cycle and 25 minutes of Circuit. A great workout for all fitness levels, Cycle-Circuit Blend will leave you feeling harder, better, faster, stronger. And you may even hear some Kanye.



A campfire without marshmallows is just kind of sad, and so is a cycling class without the right shoes. SPD compatible clip-in shoes will transform the experience. But if you don’t have your own, our equipment shed has everything, including shoes for rent for $2. 



This is the best indoor cycle available! Interactive and integrated, the Stages bikes let you challenge yourself to beating your own personal best. 



You’re gonna sweat (a lot). We’ve got you covered. Literally. Fresh, clean towels provided to all CAMPers. (Towels enhanced with anti-snapping technology to prevent unpleasant locker room flashbacks.)



Like we just said, you’re going to sweat (see the towel stuff). With so much water going out, you'll need to get it back in. Bring your own bottle and fill it with our filtered-water (only the best for our CAMPers), or buy bottled water at the CAMP general store.



No need to hide your stuff under your bunk. Just stash your prized possessions in our combination lockers before class and don’t worry about a thing. Except, of course, remembering the combination.



No one wants to leave CAMP, but when you do, you’ll leave smelling like a Spring day. We’ve got five showers onsite, as well as a full inventory of bath and body products. There will be no signs of your intense workout. Red Rover, Red Rover, send hottie right over!