If you’re the CAMPer who signs up for every activity, then CAMP Circuit is for you. The benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, are too numerous to name (but we will anyway) – it burns more fat than other workouts, helps you lose weight but not muscle, increases your metabolism, and strengthens your body and your heart (and so on). 

CAMP Circuit combines 25 minutes of music-driven cardio on our revolutionary (self-propelled!) Woodway treadmills and 25 minutes of inventive and fun strength training. We have all the best toys – SBT suspension trainers, medicine balls, weights and our own custom versatile wall system. No two days are the same at CAMP Circuit. 

Stations is a fast-paced class where you are divided in to small groups, completing a series of exercises for 30 to 90 second intervals. The total number of circuits performed may very depending on your CAMP coach! In this HIIT class, treadmills are utilized for a shorter period of time, so it will keep your eyes off the clock and your mind wondering how the class went by so fast.

If you’re looking for a physical challenge that will increase your stamina while you strengthen your muscles then Cycle-Circuit Blend is the class for you. This total body workout is a blend of 25 minutes of cycle and 25 minutes of Circuit. A great workout for all fitness levels, Cycle-Circuit Blend will leave you feeling harder, better, faster, stronger. And you may even hear some Kanye.

If you're looking to focus on a particular body part, we offer these split resistance training classes. This is a way to focus on your lower or upper body, instead of the entire body in a given workout. With this dedicated focus, those muscle groups are going to get some serious gainz, which will result in firm butt cheeks and killer arms! You'll get your body in motion with a lot less tredz.

indoor cycling


Our top of the line Woodway treadmills (recognized as the best in the world) utilize a unique curved running surface where YOU are the motor. The Curve challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.



You’re gonna sweat (a lot). We’ve got you covered. Literally. Fresh, clean towels provided to all CAMPers. (Towels enhanced with anti-snapping technology to prevent unpleasant locker room flashbacks.)



Like we just said, you’re going to sweat (see the towel stuff). With so much water going out, you'll need to get it back in. Bring your own bottle and fill it with our filtered-water (only the best for our Campers), or buy bottled water at the CAMP general store.



No need to hide your stuff under your bunk. Just stash your prized possessions in our combination lockers before class and don’t worry about a thing. Except, of course, remembering the combination.



No one wants to leave CAMP, but when you do, you’ll leave smelling like a Spring day. We’ve got five showers onsite, as well as a full inventory of bath and body products. There will be no signs of your intense workout. Red Rover, Red Rover, send hottie right over!.