CAMP is a place you never want to leave… and you won’t have to, because we have everything you need to complete your Cycle Yoga Circuit adventure. 

Our environmentally-conscious facilities include a fully-stocked General Store with snacks and beverages, lockers (to keep your stuff) and showers (to, um, clean your stuff), areas to hang with your #fitfam, and even a place where your little campers (your kids!) can engage in supervised play while you engage in supervised play.

General Store

Playing hard makes you hungry (and thirsty!), but you won’t have to grill your own food on a stick over the fire when you stop by the General Store. We have a wide selection of juices, coconut water, bottled water, and healthy, yummy snacks. And we’ll have a comfy spot for you to recover and hang out with your besties.


CAMP may be in the big city, but we’re all about the great outdoors and doing our part to make sure that CAMPers of the future get to enjoy it the way we have. Instead of using more resources to build new structures, we rehabbed the existing buildings. We polished up the existing concrete floors and all of our flooring materials are eco-friendly; recycled rubber floors in the Cycle and Circuit studios and cork (renewable and sustainable resource) in the Yoga studio. We use green cleaning products for our facilities and laundry. We offer filtered water at water stations for your reusable water bottles. Our yoga studios are naturally-lit and require little electricity. And we use a unique source of power for our treadmills – YOU! Our Woodway treadmills are self-propelled, which means that the stronger you get, the more power you bring. Talk about renewable energy!

And here’s another way for us to help the environment. We are located right next to Bayshore Boulevard, the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Walking, running or biking to CAMP is a great way for us all to be environmentally-friendly and get another few hundred calories in! Okay, this is mostly YOU, but we’ll be cheering you on when you get here, and cheering can be very taxing (you have seen Bring It On, right? Of course you have).