Lauren B. for President (But Actually, Vote Her Tampa's Best Actress)

Lauren Buglioli is a force to be reckoned with. When we first opened, she spent most of her waking hours handing out class cards, telling everyone to check out that cool new fitness studio that just opened behind Datz (ahem CAMP). When she came on as Director of Shenanigans, she helped orchestrate many of our best events to date, including a body-positive collaboration with lululemon and several Pedal for Purpose rides that support local charities. And of course, she's known for her epic themed playlists, as well as her ability to look hot as hell while riding a stationary bicycle. However, a lot of you probably don't know that she's an actress, and a damn good one at that. She starred most recently in The Great Gatsby as Daisy, one of her dream roles, and she brought even more fire to the stage than the audience thought possible. Thus, it is no surprise that she's been nominated for Best Actress in Tampa by Creative Loafing. Read on to find out more about Lauren B. and her life outside of CAMP- because yes it exists, and yes, it is FABULOUS. 


1) When did you start acting & what got you into it? What was your first production? 

I was born in Los Angeles. I came out of the womb belting. Some "medical professionals" called it crying but I assure you I was singing. I’ve always loved performing and and shot my first commercial for Hallmark when I was 2. 

2) How has your acting career evolved over the years? 

It’s a tough industry so I’ve left and returned in different capacities over time. I worked in LA, New York and London but Tampa has been my favorite place to work because I’ve found a work/life balance and environment here that makes me really happy. 

3) Best show you've been in and why?

GAH! I can’t pick one. I’m excited about the show I’ll be in this October, “Disaster”, because I get to play a nun with a gambling addiction. She’s described as “an awkward women with enormous glasses”, which I feel like is who I am in my soul. Also, kinda very much who I am openly in public every day, but I’m working on that. Yoga helps. #AD #CAMPtampa 


4) What keeps you involved in it, even when you're exhausted? 

I remember living in Los Angeles and hearing my acting coach talk about a student who was on a major TV show and shooting a film in Paris and complaining about how tired she was. I just thought, I didn’t ever want to be the person who dreamed big and then complained about abundance. I get tired, and then I get coffee. I am constantly reminding myself how fortunate I am to be juggling things that I love. It’s also easy to push through exhaustion when you truly love what you do. Also, napping. Napping also. 

5) Dream role and why?

I would love to play Jenna in “Waitress”. It’s a musical about a woman who finds herself by embracing her imperfect journey… um… hi… (dat me). It’s a beautiful story that I really identify with and would love to tell. 

6) How has teaching at CAMP changed the game for you as an actress? 

It’s the first job I’ve ever had that is flexible enough to allow me to pursue theatre without having to leave my position when I book a gig. I teach in the mornings so my days can remain flexible for rehearsals or auditions and then the evenings are open for shows. It also has made me so much stronger mentally and physically. My focus, lung capacity, energy level and determination have all increased dramatically (no pun intended, promise) since I began teaching cycle. I’m also fulfilled every single day working at CAMP, so booking a role is icing on the cake. 

7) What do you love about teaching?

The riders. You don’t know how much it means to us when you say you enjoy class, like a playlist or love coming to CAMP. Our team has worked so hard to build this studio that when we hear you love it, it gives us all dem feels. I also find teaching cycle really does change how I show up for my life. For example, I had a big audition in January, and I was really nervous because I really wanted to book it. I challenged myself to reframe it and enjoy the process… because if I tell riders to do it for themselves, I betta get on board and practice what I preach. It’s helped me catch myself in moments of fear and realize… it’s just not so serious. I can choose to have fun and see it as an opportunity I’m lucky to have. I’ve found fear is a choice. If you call it excitement or passion, the energy shifts. Must be science. 


8) Do you think there's a relation between your love for teaching and acting? 

Yes. Big time. I get butterflies before every show and before every class I teach. When I’m waiting in the wings backstage I always tell myself this will be the best show yet, focus on being present and giving it my all. I do the same thing before every class. I want to deliver the best class I can to every rider, and I recognize they’re getting their booty out of bed to come werk it out. I don’t take that for granted. 

9) What would you do if you won best actress? 

While it would be amazing, there are so many insanely talented people in this town, I would want to pull an Adele, cry (obvi) and share it with the other actresses in town who inspire me. This is a town full of Beyonces. That’s right. I said it. 

10) Fave way to decompress: 

Um…. I’m a 97 year old woman at heart. I take a lot of bubble baths. I am essentially dating Dr. Teals and I ain’t sorry. 

Vote for Lauren HERE. Seriously. You better do it.