CAMPer of the Month: Kristin!

Kristin Thurston is not just our CAMPer of the month for July- she also happens to be a straight badass, and we're so thankful that Che brought her into our studio. First of all, she is the co-owner of the USA Ambassador Pageant, which is much more than your typical beauty pageant. She's also a cancer survivor, and she'll be celebrating her third year in remission next month. We love getting to see her smiling face at CAMP, and we're pumped to have all of y'all get to know her as well! Read on for more info about why she loves coming to CAMP and how she treats herself after a tough workout! 


1) Where are you from? What do you do here in Tampa? 

I grew up in New Hampshire, but I have called Tampa home since 1999, when I made the choice to attend The University of Tampa. My day time job includes being a regional trainer for, covering the the entire state of Florida. My passion is being the co-owner of the USA Ambassador Pageant with my mom, which is a charity driven organization that promotes success through leadership, integrity, character and confidence to its pageant contestants. I love to travel and recently came back from Iceland and Ireland and have a trip planned for August in Cuba. I spend my time with my 2 fur babies, volunteering with various organizations, and I now can say I am proud to include being a Happy CAMPer :) 

2) What first brought you into CAMP? 

Che, who I have known since college, had been telling me about it for months...I knew in my heart that I would finally give it a try when the timing was right. He was very persistent and finally convinced me, and I have been hooked every since.

3) What kept you coming back after your first time? 

All of the staff and instructors are fantastic, as well as the people who attend CAMP... it is a very encouraging, passionate, and dynamic environment, and the energy is contagious! Also the fact there is such a variety of classes to choose from is key for me and my ever-changing work schedule. 

4) Favorite class, if you have one? Favorite instructor? 

That is such a difficult question for me to answer, because all the classes and instructors have been fantastic. Each time I take a class I walk out feeling fantastic, and I enjoy each one for different reasons. The Cycle/Yoga Blend on Monday morning is a great start to the week, and a Circuit class in the evening is a great way to tone. Lauren B is probably the only person who can get my butt excited for a 6AM class, her energy and smile is contagious. Lance's classes probably push me the hardest, and Nancy "Coach Oates" is always fun and challenging.


5) What makes CAMP different from other fitness studios in the area? 

The energy is so different here... everyone is competitive, but supportive. The variety of class types and instructors combines several boutique style workouts into one- previously I had tried studios that focused on just one element (Cycle, Barre, or Circuit). I love the fact that I now have a facility where I have so many choices, and that each instructor brings something different to each class, so it never gets boring. Plus the fact that classes are offered at all hours of the day including weekends makes it a definite plus. Working out every day never gets boring because of this. You can always change your classes up depending upon how your body is feeling that day- it's fantastic. 

6) How has CAMP changed the game for you, in terms of fitness/health?

Although CAMP is still new for me (I have been only attending for 1 1/2 months), the fact that I look forward every day to attending classes is unbelievable. I have found a new love again for fitness... when I was younger, fitness and sports was a huge part of my life. After battling cancer almost four years ago (I celebrate my 3 years in remission next month), it was difficult getting back into a routine of working out...I always knew I had that drive deep down inside, but I needed something to bring the motivation out in me again. While I have some personal goals that I would like to achieve, I have never felt better both physically and mentally. CAMP has brought fitness back into my lifestyle, instead of just a temporary fix to lose weight.  

7) What is your favorite way to refuel post-workout? 

Depends on the day, but a good low calorie fruit smoothie from Smoothie King is my treat on occasion after a workout. 

8) How do you treat yoself? 

A good glass of wine is the easy way I treat myself...I also enjoy traveling, so I will now be incorporating fitness while traveling, to stay on point with my goals. 


9) Favorite workout apparel brand? 

Honestly I am not picky at all when it comes to my favorite work out brand. I wear Under Armour, Nike, Old Navy... whatever makes me feel good, and if it's on sale, even better :) If I want to splurge I love Lorna Jane Apparel! 

10) Do you believe in having a workout buddy? If so, who do you work out with? 

I think having a workout buddy is a fantastic way to keep you on track, as well as a fun way to keep you motivated. I was fortunate I started this journey at CAMP with my dear friend Dustin, although what I love about Camp is that it has given me the self-motivation to attend classes regardless. But having someone is definitely a plus and always fun.