Instructor of the Month: BRYAN

Bryan has completely changed the game for Circuit since he joined our team several months ago. His energy is infectious, and even though you'll break a major sweat in his classes, you'll be smiling the whole time. But Bryan has a lot more going on in his life outside of CAMP, and we were interested to find out what that entailed. Read on to find out more about this dynamic, inspiring trainer- we're so happy to have him! 

1) Where are you from originally?

I am from Geneva, Switzerland.

2) What brought you to Tampa?

While I was playing soccer at IMG academy in Bradenton, FL (academy/high school level), I met a friend who told me to have a look at the University of Tampa for their soccer program. I was too stubborn to play college soccer and decided to go back home and try to make it professional. However, after 2 years, my friend really convinced me and I fell in love with the school. It allowed me to do something that I could not do back home- playing at a high level while studying business.


3) You're in school, right? What are you studying? Career goals?

Yes, I am a senior at UT majoring in Entrepreneurship. We have an excellent Entrepreneurship program. The board of directors has invested a substantial amount of money for us to have a unique facility and an outstanding environment. My personal goal is to become the best version than I can be of myself, and this is why I keep trying to improve myself every single day. I will probably never become satisfied, but I am working towards it. Regarding my career goal, as a young and ambitious entrepreneur, I am aiming to have my own company one day. Whether it is in the fitness industry or somewhere else, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I just can’t accept the fact of sitting in an office 8am to 5pm working for someone else's dreams.

4) What got you into the idea of training?

Well, I have always been into fitness and sports in general, as I played soccer my entire life. However, following my last soccer spring season, I made a major decision. Being a student athlete requires a huge commitment, and soccer was extremely time consuming for me. I wanted to focus on business as well, and soccer prevented me from being involved in the business community. I, therefore, stopped soccer and started to study to become a personal trainer. I got my license, and I started to built a customer base last summer. Everything then went very quickly. I became a personal trainer and group instructor at UT. My two roommates and I also launched a fitness start up where we used to provide 25 minute fitness classes in underutilized spaces such as hotels, apartment complexes and corporations in downtown Tampa and St. Pete. And now, I am here :)


5) First memory of working out? What got you hooked?

Wow, it was probably when I came to the US for the first time and played for IMG Academy. I did not know anything and was totally clueless to be honest with you. I did not speak English at all and the trainers were getting mad at me because when I was doing something wrong, they would try to correct me and I would not understand haha. But after workouts and workouts, I got better and I really started to enjoy it and this enthusiasm never left me!!!

6) What do you hope to achieve through your work at CAMP?

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I received to train in such a fantastic fitness boutique. I truly believe in the vision and potential of CAMP, and I am convinced that we are going to accomplish unbelievable things. Jen and Jamie are such amazing entrepreneurs and keep inspiring me every single day. I try to learn as much as I can by their side. They are putting so much confidence in me and I cannot be more thankful. The trainers also play a huge part in my development. They all have so much experience and expertise in the industry (way more than I do) and I try to listen to what they say as much as I can. I have learnt so much from them already and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without their advice and help. I work hard and hope that one day I I will play a key role within the company and become an influential role model for others. Let’s see how it goes :)


7) What do you love about teaching at CAMP?

I love the flexibility and freedom that we have. I can literally do whatever I want inside the Circuit room- to a certain extent obviously. This allows me to be able to relieve my entrepreneurial spirit and this is why I would never be able to sit in an office for hours every day!

8) What makes you unique as an instructor?

I usually don’t like to talk to much about myself. But, if I had to say something, I guess my accent can set me apart a little, and I have been receiving positive feedback from people thanks to my energy and music. I constantly try to diversify my workouts, and if you have been attending my classes, the only thing that remains the same is my energy and attitude.


9) What do you do in your free time? Any passions?

I love reading business and inspirational books. I also love traveling, discovering new fitness concepts, and I absolutely love great food. I try to learn a new concept every day.

10) Favorite place in Tampa?

Without a doubt, CAMP. I love the atmosphere that has been created there. It is hard to believe that this place has only been active for the past 9 months. I also enjoy spending time at Oxford Exchange and Foundation Coffee to read and have my espresso.


11) How do you get pumped up before teaching?

Definitely through music and looking at people’s energies when they walk in the door ! Nothing can replace that.

12) Favorite way to refuel?

Well, if my schedule allows me to do so, I love leaving for a day or so to go to Miami and relax a little- try fitness places, go to my favorite place in world “Joe and The Juice,” and just spend time with friends. I also try to stay in touch with my family as much as I can, and it’s always a great way to refuel to talk in your native language.