CAMPers of the Month: Lacey and Kay!

Lacey and Kay are #bestfriendgoals, for sure. We're always impressed by their dedication to CAMP and to each other, which made them obvious candidates for CAMPer of the Month. Plus, seeing them around CAMP is bound to brighten your day, and since they're always at CAMP, you likely have lots of bright days ahead of you. We were interested to hear how they became such good friends, as well as what they love so much about CAMP. Read on for these answers and more! 


1) How did you hear about CAMP? 

KF: Lauren B. was my favorite cycle instructor at Cycle Bar and I followed her here and fell in love! 

LH: Kay introduced me to CAMP!

2) How did you two meet? 

KF: Tipper & Friends music festival @ the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park (the most magical place!) 

LH: That’s kind of a funny story.  I BELIEVE we met at a music festival “Tipper and Friends” at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.  Kay was so incredibly nice to me when we were first introduced, but I tried to avoid her for a very long time after that initial meeting because I thought she was too cool for me (not lying!)

3) What about CAMP drew you in? Why do you keep coming back? 

KF: The atmosphere, the instructors, and the variety. 

LH: Lauren’s cycle classes drew me into CAMP, and then after my first yoga class, I was hooked! CAMP’s positive atmosphere and dedicated instructors keep me coming back :) 

4) Do you feel like CAMP has impacted your friendship at all? 

KF: CAMP actually built our friendship. I always raved about it on Facebook, and Lacey asked if she could join me one day. Our friendship blossomed from there and she's now one of my closest friends! 

LH: Very much so!  Kay has become one of my best friends these past few months.  I feel extremely supported in our friendship.  Kay is the perfect balance between loving and encouraging in all that I do, but at the same time she challenges me to become my best self on a daily basis.  

5) Favorite class to take & why:

KF: Too hard! Ahhh. I'd have to say Power Flow & Chill or Ass n Abs. 

LH: Ashtanga Power Flow! I find the most mental clarity throughout these classes because they are more challenging and make me feel strong and powerful.


6) What do y'all do outside of CAMP? 

KF: Take my 2 pups to the dog beach, practice yoga, and eat. 

LH: I love my job and spend majority of my time working!  I also love paddle boarding, throwing myself my own personal dance parties at home, writing poetry, and cuddling with my black cat Bodhi.  

7) Favorite CRG Restaurant: 

KF: Fresh Kitchen

LH: Fresh Kitchen!

8) Favorite thing to do in Tampa: 

KF: Eat @ Revolution Ice cream and go to Gandy Beach (especially if you get there early so you get your own private little beach in the mangroves). 

LH: Either laying in my hammock at the Gandy Beach Bridge and recording little hermit crabs on my GoPro or eating ice cream from Revolution in Seminole Heights.

9) If you could change one thing about CAMP, what would it be? 

KF: More yoga workshops! I love learning (even if we have to pay extra outside of the unlimited membership). 

LH: Absolutely nothing!

10) Favorite workout apparel: 

KF: Yoga pants and sports bra 

LH: Uhm… anything bohemian that is under $5 (I don’t know workout apparel)