CAMP Childcare

We love our little CAMPers, and we wouldn't be the studio we are today without them. But if you don't have kids, you've likely never step foot in our Childcare room before. You might even wonder where the children magically disappear to once their parents arrive in class. Thanks to one of our creators, Jen Azzarelli, Childcare at CAMP was designed to give parents the same accessibility to group fitness as everyone else.


Before opening CAMP, Jen found herself rarely going to the gym. She always loved boutique fitness classes, but she could never attend them due to the high expenses associated with hiring a sitter. During the creation of CAMP, Jen insisted on including Childcare as an aspect of the business- she wanted to give parents the ability to "get their lives back" as well as the opportunity to take a Cycle, Yoga, or Circuit class together, if desired. 

One of our regular CAMPers, Tara Baik, has three children, and she agrees that Childcare has changed the game for her. "My fitness schedule is dictated by Childcare, as my youngest is at home with me. If I don't have reliable care, I can't work out," says Tara.  


But what makes our Childcare so special? Jen believes that a lot of it has to do with our staff: "We are very selective when we hire. We only hire people that are CPR certified and that have experience. We also expect them to be completely engaged with the children, so you will almost always find them playing on the floor, coloring a picture with a child, or rocking a baby. The truth is, every single one of them loves children and you can feel it. I would (and do) trust any of them with my own children. They're all awesome!"

Tara has noticed that the caregivers always greet her children by name when they arrive, which has made the experience really special for her family. She also appreciates the child-to-caregiver ratio: "It never seems overly chaotic or overwhelming, and the space is always clean and well-maintained. There is a consistently nurturing, fun environment in the Childcare room, which is one of the reasons why I love bringing my kids there." 


But do the kids love it? Jaxson, one of our little CAMPers, is hooked. He particularly enjoys the wide variety of activities he can choose from when he comes to CAMP. He can color, play with action figures, read, or watch a movie. He can even bring his favorite stuffed animals without having to worry about them getting stolen or misplaced! Note the monkey hanging around his neck :) 


If your kids are the only thing holding you back from taking a Cycle, Yoga, or Circuit class, come to CAMP and give Childcare a try. "It's flexible, reliable, safe, fun, and much less expensive than getting a sitter," says Jen. Just make sure to always book your spot in advance- Childcare is getting busier by the day, and we want to maintain that child-to-caregiver ratio that makes us so unique!