CAMPer of the Month: Omar!

Omar is always at CAMP. During March Madness, we were beyond impressed to see him crank out three classes a day. And now, even though it's over, he's still coming to more classes than we thought possible. But how does he do it? And what inspired him to get into fitness in the first place? Read our interview with Omar below, because he's likely the most dedicated CAMPer of the Month we've had yet! 


1) Where are you originally from?
Puerto Rico. 

2) What inspired you to get into fitness?
Not a lot of people know that in November 2012 I had a stroke. After the recovery time, I started to gain weight, so I decided to start doing a series of events to get in shape. 

3) Do you remember your first class at CAMP? 
I was doing Turn Tampa Teal: A Week of Wellness to donate to cervical cancer awareness while at the same time trying different studios. That's when I met Paul and Jamie at Hip Hop Yoga.  

4) What do you love most about CAMP? 
Yoga, Cycle and Circuit all in one location, events, as well as awesome instructors and staff. 

5) You're known for taking tons of classes in one day. How do you do it??? 
Mind over body.  


6) What's your favorite class at CAMP? 

7) What's your favorite way to decompress/relax? 
Nap, rest, and chill. 

8) Proudest CAMP accomplishment? 
March Madness Challenge Finisher.

9) What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
Focus in, and tell myself to just get it done before my next event.  

10) How do you refuel after class? 
Eating organic food and protein shakes.