Behind the Megaphone: Meet KIM!

Kim is talented beyond words. Not only is she one of our most dynamic, powerful Cycle instructors, but she's also a rockstar. She's a guitarist and singer in her band, called Funny Bunny- she's actually played live music for a couple of our yoga classes, alongside her super talented husband! Born and raised in Tampa, this girl was meant to be on stage. Though she's only been cycling for a year, she's really come into her own here at CAMP, and we're #blessed to have her as part of our team. Read on to find out more about Kim, what she loves about CAMP Cycle, and what she simply can't get enough of (hint: you can find it in our refrigerators). 


What made you decide to become a Cycle instructor?

It was actually on a whim. I had only ever even taken a handful of cycle classes before applying at CAMP, but I have always loved group fitness classes, and secretly thought maybe one day I could be an instructor in the far off future. But I had been laid off from my previous job, and was in a bit of a rut when I came across a post on for Indoor Cycle Instructors. I thought it sounded way more fun than a desk job somewhere, so even though I was scared, I said "why not!?" and set up an audition. I'm so glad I took that chance because it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

What is your favorite thing about instructing at CAMP?

So many things. Our team is so strong and supportive of each other. Everyone is willing to help everyone at the drop of a hat. Also having Jen and Jamie as bosses is truly the best. They are so caring and supportive and have gone above and beyond countless times. I also love seeing the CAMPers grow stronger. Our riders are getting so good, it's really exciting to see. I feel like a proud mom.

What is your favorite sector in Cycle? 

It changes every few weeks... but right now I'm really digging the Hill Climb, and I always love a Traveling Push-up.


What other classes do you like taking at CAMP? 

The other teacher's cycle classes. I learn something new every time I take another teacher's ride. And Hip Hop Yoga is addicting. My goal is to take more Circuit and Ashtanga.

Did you go to camp when you were little? 

No, I wish! I thought all the cool kids went to camp. I unfortunately never had the opportunity.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A famous singer/musician. Still working on that one and won't be giving up any time soon. ;)

What is the best class you've taught so far?

I did a "One Hit Wonder" ride a few months ago that was really fun. It was a great group of people that came and it was hilarious and silly. We even did the Macarena as an Arm Sector. Other than that, I feel like the best rides happen when the group of people in the room have a ton of energy and are all ready to kick ass with you. We feed off of each other in those times and it's intense and the most fun.


What do you wish the CAMPers knew about what goes on behind the scenes?

Maybe how much work we all put into our classes behind the scenes. Especially when we were just getting started, it would take me hours and hours to make a playlist. Thankfully, it's become much easier. And I have fun doing it...most days! Haha. ALSO! I've never seen more cookies, donuts, candy, etc. in a break room than I have at CAMP! STOP BRINGING THAT STUFF EVERYONE! I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF AROUND IT!

Fave CRG concept? 

They are all so great, but I end up getting Ciccio's to go for dinner the most. But really... I love them all and crave them interchangeably.

What product at CAMP could you not live without?

BLUE ROSE BLUE ROSE BLUE ROSE!!! I LOVE this freakin' Kombucha. I can't get enough of it.