Inside CAMP Yoga

If you haven't ventured over to the steamy oasis we call CAMP Yoga, you're in for a treat. Just from an aesthetic standpoint, our yoga building is beautiful. Imagine practicing on our eco-friendly cork floors while natural light pours in from the many windows in our studio. If you're lucky enough to attend a class early in the morning or at night, you'll be able to practice by candle light. Then, of course, we have our instructors, who are all extremely talented practitioners as well as motivational teachers. Every one of our set sequences is delivered with originality and creativity, so you'll never get bored at CAMP. Plus, we're always adding new classes, so you can constantly expect something new and exciting on the horizon, from yoga with weights to a combo of power flow and restorative. 


But with so many offerings, our Yoga schedule is bound to get confusing. Read on for some more in-depth descriptions of our many classes, including ones that are new to our schedule for March, as well as some insider tips for new yogis!


This Hatha-based class is a great option for both newbies and experienced yogis alike. People unfamiliar with yoga will love the long, 5-breath holds, which emphasize alignment and activation and are perfect for people who can't keep up with a typical flow class. Experienced yogis will love the emphasis on breath, as it will give them a chance to get deeper into their practice. This class doesn't involve music, as you move to the sound of your own breath, so it's a great option on those stressful days where you need a more meditative element to your practice. And though this class is marketed as a great option for beginners, it's still super hard- so yes, you'll still be sweating by savasana. 


This Vinyasa-based class is more fast-paced than Root, but it is still built around the framework of a set sequence with many of the same postures. The major difference is the addition of numerous chaturungas throughout practice (AKA tricep pushups), as well as a more difficult peak posture, meant to challenge and inspire without seeming overwhelming. This isn't a class where people are constantly popping into handstand, so it's still a great class for new yogis. Just make sure you feel comfortable doing a vinyasa, even a modified version of one, before attending, as that will be asked of you throughout practice. 



This 75-minute class is similar to Root Flow, just a little longer and a little more intense. The Hip Hop beats add a dynamic aspect to the practice that will inevitably make you work harder and sweat more. Plus, since this class is offered at night, you'll be able to practice in a studio surrounded by candles, which adds a really magical element to the experience. Jamie leads this class twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7PM. We're also adding a 60-minute Sunrise Hip Hop class at 6AM on Wednesday morning, so get ready to sweat to Biggie in the early AM. This is one of our most advanced classes, but it's also one of our most popular, so keep that in mind before signing up! And always arrive 15 minutes early if you're coming to Monday night Hip Hop- you don't want to get stuck without a spot on our most popular night of yoga. 


This class used to be Yin, until we started getting really into the use of restorative props. Now it's a combination of Restorative and Yin, so you can expect elements of both throughout class. Essentially, you'll do super long holds (5+ minutes) of postures that stretch out the tissues left untouched in a typical yoga class AKA what happens in Yin. But you'll also do long holds of more chill postures with props like bolsters and eye pillows, which allow you to reach a savasana-like state of zen throughout your entire practice. Each week, a different part of the body will be targeted, so you'll always be super relaxed and limber after Sunday night Restore! This is a great class for all levels, because let's face it- we all need to relax. 


Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice that emphasizes the breath. It is built around an intelligently designed set sequence that puts you in a state of meditation, even while you're working harder than you've ever worked before. At CAMP, we practice a modified half primary, which is still super challenging without requiring you to put your foot behind your head. You can expect to connect to the more traditional elements of yoga in this class, while also having fun and challenging yourself to reach new limits. If you want to read more about Ashtanga and its history, you can do so here



This brand new, 60-minute class is based on our Root sequence, but adds in the use of hand weights and cardio movements to make your workout even more challenging. Root Sculpt is unlike any yoga class you've ever taken before, especially with the addition of fun, upbeat music- think Major Lazer and Matoma. This is a great class for people reluctant to try yoga, as it removes some of the intimidating elements of yoga without taking away the essence of the practice. Prepare to sweat more than you've ever sweat before in this fast-paced, high-intensity class! 


45 minutes of power flow + 30 minutes of restorative = best class ever. This well-rounded sequence will give you everything you need to dominate the rest of your day. Instead of Netflix-and-chilling with bae, come to CAMP and Power Flow and Chill. We promise you won't regret it.