What is Cycle-Yoga Blend?

Are you the type of person who spends 20 minutes scouring Yelp, trying to find the perfect place for dinner with your crew? Or do you get anxiety just thinking about picking your protein at Fresh Kitchen? If you answered yes to either of these questions, let me introduce you to Cycle-Yoga Blend, your new favorite class here at CAMP. Cycle-Yoga Blend is made for the people who want the best of both worlds, the people who hate making choices, the people who end up going to multiple classes a day because they can't settle on just one. In any of our Blend classes, you get the energy of multiple instructors, plus the challenging combination of two popular offerings, all within the span of an hour. But what can you expect from your first Cycle-Yoga Blend? And are all Blends created equal? Read on to find out. 


First of all, Cycle-Yoga Blend is 25 minutes of Cycle, followed by 25 minutes of Yoga. You start in the Cycle room to get your cardio on, then you migrate to the Yoga building for a shortened power flow sequence. We also offer Circuit-Yoga Blend, as well as Cycle-Circuit Blend, so you're always able to combine classes here at CAMP. But what if you want more? Lucky you- we offer a monthly CAMP Triathlon, which features all three of our offerings in a 90 minute stretch of intensity. But since Cycle-Yoga Blend is so popular, we'll spend a little extra time on that class here. 


Each Cycle-Yoga Blend class is different, thanks to the unique perspectives our instructors bring, but all of them are considered equally challenging. So if you're looking for a workout that will kick (and sculpt) your derriere, then you should definitely consider trying Blend. We don't mean to scare you away by saying this, because this class is also a great option for new CAMPers. Cardio-phobes are able to get the benefits of Cycle without committing to a full 45 minutes, while yoga haters are allowed to practice challenging postures without getting stuck in a room with headstand professionals. However, we will warn you- we've converted many diehard Cycle fans into devoted yogis (and vice versa!), so prepare to open your mind to a little change.


Looking at it from a fitness perspective, combining Cycle and Yoga is a great way to improve your resting heart rate and your flexibility without increasing your risk of injury. We've all suffered through broken bones and torn ligaments, and at CAMP, we know how much that sucks. But Cycle-Yoga Blend is great because you're able to do two effective workouts back-to-back without over-stressing your joints or your muscles. So it's really in your body's best interest to do a Blend! 

Did you know that we have themed Cycle-Blends? The Yoga portion of every evening Blend is candlelit, which creates a really special, relaxing atmosphere for all of our aspiring yogis.  In addition, Ashley and Kim's Blend on Wednesday nights is #WCW themed, featuring a different female artist (or group of artists) every week. Stay up to date on their Instagrams for specific themes- rumor has it that Ladies of the 80's and Princesses of Pop are coming up! 


In conclusion, Cycle-Yoga Blend is a class that you just can't miss. Whether you're brand new to CAMP or a seasoned professional, you need to make Blend a part of your weekly routine. Your body (and indecisive brain) will thank you!