What to Wear to CAMP

Athleisure is a growing fashion trend, and for good reason. Goldsheep, lululemon, Adidas and many other fitness brands are allowing us to look runway-ready in clothes as comfortable as pajamas.  Gone are the days of constricting skinny jeans and heels that give you blisters. Now you can wear your Nikes everywhere!  

But navigating the world of athleisure can be tricky- do you wear the same thing to Circuit that you would wear to Yoga? Are running shorts still a thing? And what do you do when it's chilly outside but a toasty 95 degrees in CAMP's yoga room? We have the answers. Read on to discover just how you should be dressing for all of our offerings.



Key takeaways: Trust us- you don't want your legs rubbing on the saddle during tapbacks. Make sure to wear leggings, ladies, or if you're a guy, shorts with liners. Also, CAMP Cycle is a full-body workout, so we recommend wearing a tank to encourage ultimate flexibility in the arms- you don't want to miss out on those pushups!  



Key takeaways: Our yoga room is heated to around 95 degrees. The steamy temps improve your flexibility... and assist in the detoxification process when you drink a little too much wine. Feel free to bare some skin in Yoga by wearing your favorite sports bra, or going shirtless (if you're a dude, of course).



Key takeaways: We have those fancy Woodway treadmills for a reason- our Circuit classes will get you to sprint faster than you've ever sprinted before. Even if you're going to a class like Ass & Abs, you'll still find yourself on the treadmill, so don't forget your favorite running shoes when you come to Circuit! Running shorts are also a great option here- and a not-so-great option for Cycle or Yoga- so save your Nike Pros for the treadmills.