FK & Chill With Us

Ciccio Restaurant Group, AKA CRG, is the brand behind CAMP and all of your favorite restaurants in Tampa. Because let's face it- what would Friday night in Soho be like without a Green Lemon margarita? And if you don't take your squad to brunch at Ciccio Water, do you even like your friends? But it's Fresh Kitchen that wins us over time and time again. Oh, and did you know that as a CAMPer, you get 10% off at FK? So what are you waiting for? Here's everything you need to know about FK, if you've never been, as well as some insider secrets for even the most frequent bowl-eaters. 


First of all, FK is everything you love about Chipotle but 1 million times better. Imagine a place where you can get healthy, delicious food, customized to your taste buds, that can be in your belly in a matter of minutes. Now instead of imagining it, type 1350 South Howard Avenue into Apple Maps, because it exists here in Tampa, and it's only 5 minutes away from CAMP! 

We've heard from our friends that walking into FK as a newbie can be a little intimidating. There's so many options- how can you possibly choose? Read on for some tips from pro FK-ers Tyler and Taylor Berlingeri. PS- Taylor works at FK, so make sure to say hi to her when you're in line! 

First of all, you must be aware of Fresh Kitchen's peak hours. Even if the line is out the door, you'll still be eating in about 15-20 minutes, so never be too intimidated by the crowds. But why wait when you don't have to? Tyler recommends 11AM (AKA right when they open), because the food is super fresh and the lines are nonexistent. This would be a great time to eat if you hit one of our early morning classes- 6AM people, we're looking at you. 

Now, it's time to craft your bowl. We recommend starting with the four bowl, which is just filling enough post-workout. But if you're feeling super hungry or you're going for #gainz, go for the six- it's all healthy stuff, so you can never feel too guilty. 


On to the bases, AKA the foundation of your amazing meal to come. Both the four and six bowls come with your choice of two bases, and while some people prefer to keep it all green, we like to add in some carbs, especially post-workout. Tyler loves the combination of sweet potato noodles and perfect spice rice, as well as the summer salad with coconut rice. Just make sure to stick to cold bases if you're in a salad mood, and warm bases (like the sweet potato mash!) if you need something to stick to your ribs. 

The veggies are all amazing, so you really can't go wrong here. The roasted brussels sprouts and the parmesan broccoli are the most popular, but some people love to add in the sesame green beans if they're going for an Asian-inspired bowl. You can also pretend you're eating at a steakhouse if you get the roasted mushrooms and choose steak as your protein.


There are always a couple crowd favorites when it comes to the proteins, and BBQ chicken tops the list every time. Buffalo chicken has also made its re-entry onto the menu, so don't miss trying that out if you love spicy food. Tofu is great for vegetarians, especially when it's lathered in sauce- so check out how it's prepared before you choose it. And if you get steak, make sure to get the herb balsamic vinaigrette as your sauce and dip each piece into the vinaigrette- Tyler swears by this method. 

Now you get to pick your sauces and add-ons. You can never go wrong with avocado, even if it is extra, so don't forget your dose of healthy fats. Coconut sriracha is always a great choice, especially with the tuna poke. And if you chose coconut rice as your base, go for the creamy ginger, and be sure to put the sauce directly on the rice- this method of preparation will change the game, according to Tyler.  

So you're finished making your bowl- you must be done, right? WRONG. If you leave FK without getting the paleo cookies, you're truly missing out. Tyler loves to dunk her cookies into cafe no moo for a healthy, dairy-free version of milk and cookies; if you go this route, make sure to ask for an extra water cup so you have somewhere to pour your "milk"! And not that we're endorsing alcohol as a post-workout solution, but mixing tequila with the slimberry juice is a combo you just can't miss out on. 


Next time you hit up FK, make sure to snap a picture of your bowl and tag @camptampa! We'd love to know if you used our tips or have discovered some of your own!