CAMPers of the Month: Lacey and Kay!

Lacey and Kay are #bestfriendgoals, for sure. We're always impressed by their dedication to CAMP and to each other, which made them obvious candidates for CAMPer of the Month. Plus, seeing them around CAMP is bound to brighten your day, and since they're always at CAMP, you likely have lots of bright days ahead of you. We were interested to hear how they became such good friends, as well as what they love so much about CAMP. Read on for these answers and more! 


1) How did you hear about CAMP? 

KF: Lauren B. was my favorite cycle instructor at Cycle Bar and I followed her here and fell in love! 

LH: Kay introduced me to CAMP!

2) How did you two meet? 

KF: Tipper & Friends music festival @ the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park (the most magical place!) 

LH: That’s kind of a funny story.  I BELIEVE we met at a music festival “Tipper and Friends” at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.  Kay was so incredibly nice to me when we were first introduced, but I tried to avoid her for a very long time after that initial meeting because I thought she was too cool for me (not lying!)

3) What about CAMP drew you in? Why do you keep coming back? 

KF: The atmosphere, the instructors, and the variety. 

LH: Lauren’s cycle classes drew me into CAMP, and then after my first yoga class, I was hooked! CAMP’s positive atmosphere and dedicated instructors keep me coming back :) 

4) Do you feel like CAMP has impacted your friendship at all? 

KF: CAMP actually built our friendship. I always raved about it on Facebook, and Lacey asked if she could join me one day. Our friendship blossomed from there and she's now one of my closest friends! 

LH: Very much so!  Kay has become one of my best friends these past few months.  I feel extremely supported in our friendship.  Kay is the perfect balance between loving and encouraging in all that I do, but at the same time she challenges me to become my best self on a daily basis.  

5) Favorite class to take & why:

KF: Too hard! Ahhh. I'd have to say Power Flow & Chill or Ass n Abs. 

LH: Ashtanga Power Flow! I find the most mental clarity throughout these classes because they are more challenging and make me feel strong and powerful.


6) What do y'all do outside of CAMP? 

KF: Take my 2 pups to the dog beach, practice yoga, and eat. 

LH: I love my job and spend majority of my time working!  I also love paddle boarding, throwing myself my own personal dance parties at home, writing poetry, and cuddling with my black cat Bodhi.  

7) Favorite CRG Restaurant: 

KF: Fresh Kitchen

LH: Fresh Kitchen!

8) Favorite thing to do in Tampa: 

KF: Eat @ Revolution Ice cream and go to Gandy Beach (especially if you get there early so you get your own private little beach in the mangroves). 

LH: Either laying in my hammock at the Gandy Beach Bridge and recording little hermit crabs on my GoPro or eating ice cream from Revolution in Seminole Heights.

9) If you could change one thing about CAMP, what would it be? 

KF: More yoga workshops! I love learning (even if we have to pay extra outside of the unlimited membership). 

LH: Absolutely nothing!

10) Favorite workout apparel: 

KF: Yoga pants and sports bra 

LH: Uhm… anything bohemian that is under $5 (I don’t know workout apparel)

CAMP Got New Threads

It's summer, which means it's officially time to revamp your athleisure wardrobe. That's why we're carrying a host of new items, from Alo to Goldsheep to our own custom apparel, that are guaranteed to make you look less basic, even if you're spotted carrying a Starbucks latte on your way to the mall. 


First of all, we have new shirts that are short in the front and long in the back- AKA super flattering, especially when you're wearing high-waisted leggings. We kept the colors neutral so you can wear them with your most patterned pants, like our new ones from Goldsheep! 

Speaking of those Goldsheep leggings, we have three new patterns that are guaranteed to make you look sporty and fun on your way to CAMP (because where else would you be going???). Rock them with one of our new tees or a neutral, solid-colored sports bra- anything else will likely clash and make you look a lil crazy. 


Alo is one of the hottest new athleisure brands, so we're beyond excited to be carrying their leggings and sports bras! The moto leggings will make you look like a badass, even if you've never dated a bad boy with a motorcycle. And the ripped leggings are as trendy today as ripped jeggings were in the early 2000's. Add some color on top with a fun sports bra, or keep things monochromatic if you want to look casual but cool. 


Tag us on insta @camptampa with your fashion pics- we can't wait to see y'all rocking our apparel all around Tampa! 


High Risk Hope

Hip Hop Yoga is a CAMP favorite, but it's even better when it supports a charity we love. Each month, we host a Hip Hop Yoga event at 81Bay Brewery, and all proceeds from the event go towards helping out our charity of the month. This month, we chose High Risk Hope, a Tampa-based organization that supports moms after high-risk pregnancies. High Risk Hope partners with four hospitals in West Central Florida and two hospitals in California- altogether, they help around 2500 families a year.


But what exactly do they do? They provide bedrest baskets to mothers as well as NICU napsacks to babies, which contain items useful to mother and child when enduring a long-term hospital stay. Think shampoo and conditioner, eyemasks, a blanket and hat for the baby, and information for moving forward. But more than that, they provide hope to families who have dealt with high-risk pregnancies. Volunteers from High Risk Hope deliver the baskets and napsacks to the mothers in the hospital, and the time that they spend with the families is crucial to the entire process. Bailey, a mother who endured a high-risk pregnancy and now works for High Risk Hope, states that the organization "provided light at the end of the tunnel, as well as hope that [she] would leave the hospital with a healthy baby."


One way that they instill hope in mothers is through their baby calendar. Every year, they host a contest online, which encourages High Risk Hope families to submit their stories, along with pictures of their babies, both when they were in the hospital and now. Once 12 winners are chosen, the babies take part in a calendar photo shoot, which is always a special time for the families. Then, these calendars are distributed to mothers on bedrest, in the hopes that it might encourage them to have faith in their babies' healing process. 


But how can you help? If you've already donated to the cause and want to support High Risk Hope on a grander scale, you can choose to sign up as a volunteer through their website. Volunteering includes delivering bags to hospitals as well as coming into their headquarters in Ybor and packing the bags and napsacks before delivery- one of our instructors, Lauren B, is a volunteer! If you want to deliver the bags, you'll have to go through a volunteer orientation- however, you can start packing the bags and helping the organization right away. Contact High Risk Hope's program coordinator here, or by emailing 


Families can get involved too by creating fundraising teams for High Risk Hope's annual event, the Tot Trot. This event happens every November, and you can start fundraising now- click here to sign up! Families typically fundraise by encouraging their children to host lemonade stands in their neighborhoods. If you meet certain fundraising benchmarks, you might even receive some special prizes! 

If you want to find out more about High Risk Hope, you can check out their website here. They were also recently featured on you can find that article here! We have loved supporting High Risk Hope this month, and we can't wait to see how the organization continues to grow and help even more families. 

Meet Michelle, our Instructor of the Month!

If you've taken Michelle's classes here at CAMP, you've likely left thinking two things: 1) Wow, I love her creative sequencing! and 2) Why does she look so familiar? This Zoe Saldana lookalike is always impressing us with her innovative and unique classes- she loves taking our Root Flow sequence and making it her own. But how does she do it? And what does she do outside of CAMP Yoga? Read on to find out. 


Where did you grow up? 

I'm a Tampa native. 

Where did you complete your Yoga Teacher Training? 

Venice, California. 

What drove you to want to teach? 

My very first yoga class ever I didn't know what the heck I was doing- I wore socks through the whole practice and I couldn't keep up at ALL. Somehow even with all of that I left thinking to myself, "I want to teach and share yoga with others one day". I've always been drawn to meditation and the breath so, I think it was the connection of breath, body and mind that I was attracted to. It was such a powerful discovery/moment, and I knew I had to share it! 

How do you prepare to teach before class? 

Mornings are not my thing, but I do teach a lot of early morning classes- usually hot ginger tea and silence on the way to CAMP. Once I'm there a few Surya A's to wake up my body. 

What do you want new yogis to know? 

Take your time, move at your pace and be patient with yourself. Our bodies are all unique and like no other, so really focus on the alignment and feeling of the pose, not so much the look. 

Where do you get your sequencing ideas?

I follow (more like stalk) my favorite teachers on IG and different yoga sites. If something looks fun and feels good I try to incorporate it into our Root Flow sequence.  


What else do you do for work?

I work as a Social Worker in the Case Management Department at Tampa General Hospital.  

What was your dream job when you were little? 

To be a teacher. I loved my second grade teacher (think Lauren B.) and I wanted to be just like her! 

Did you ever go to summer camp? 

No, my mom worked at an Elementary School so she would take me to work with her and I would be a "teacher's assistant" every summer. 

What do you love about working for CAMP? 

I love all of the instructors' energy and passion for what they do. Everyone puts a lot of hard work and effort into their classes, and the delivery really shows that. I love being a part of such a fun, motivating and dedicated group!


Speed Round... 

Favorite class to teach: Power Flow & Chill - best of both worlds 

Favorite pose to practice: Dolphin pose in attempt to get into that forearm stand. 

Favorite CRG restaurant: Ciccios

Favorite method of relaxation: Finding a quiet spot outdoors (poolside usually)

Favorite vacation spot: I'm a Cali girl at heart. Hiking and ocean wins. 

Favorite yoga apparel: Spiritual Gangster 

Favorite yoga Instagram: @menatyoga   You're welcome ladies. 

CAMP Childcare

We love our little CAMPers, and we wouldn't be the studio we are today without them. But if you don't have kids, you've likely never step foot in our Childcare room before. You might even wonder where the children magically disappear to once their parents arrive in class. Thanks to one of our creators, Jen Azzarelli, Childcare at CAMP was designed to give parents the same accessibility to group fitness as everyone else.


Before opening CAMP, Jen found herself rarely going to the gym. She always loved boutique fitness classes, but she could never attend them due to the high expenses associated with hiring a sitter. During the creation of CAMP, Jen insisted on including Childcare as an aspect of the business- she wanted to give parents the ability to "get their lives back" as well as the opportunity to take a Cycle, Yoga, or Circuit class together, if desired. 

One of our regular CAMPers, Tara Baik, has three children, and she agrees that Childcare has changed the game for her. "My fitness schedule is dictated by Childcare, as my youngest is at home with me. If I don't have reliable care, I can't work out," says Tara.  


But what makes our Childcare so special? Jen believes that a lot of it has to do with our staff: "We are very selective when we hire. We only hire people that are CPR certified and that have experience. We also expect them to be completely engaged with the children, so you will almost always find them playing on the floor, coloring a picture with a child, or rocking a baby. The truth is, every single one of them loves children and you can feel it. I would (and do) trust any of them with my own children. They're all awesome!"

Tara has noticed that the caregivers always greet her children by name when they arrive, which has made the experience really special for her family. She also appreciates the child-to-caregiver ratio: "It never seems overly chaotic or overwhelming, and the space is always clean and well-maintained. There is a consistently nurturing, fun environment in the Childcare room, which is one of the reasons why I love bringing my kids there." 


But do the kids love it? Jaxson, one of our little CAMPers, is hooked. He particularly enjoys the wide variety of activities he can choose from when he comes to CAMP. He can color, play with action figures, read, or watch a movie. He can even bring his favorite stuffed animals without having to worry about them getting stolen or misplaced! Note the monkey hanging around his neck :) 


If your kids are the only thing holding you back from taking a Cycle, Yoga, or Circuit class, come to CAMP and give Childcare a try. "It's flexible, reliable, safe, fun, and much less expensive than getting a sitter," says Jen. Just make sure to always book your spot in advance- Childcare is getting busier by the day, and we want to maintain that child-to-caregiver ratio that makes us so unique!