Inside CAMP Cycle

CAMP Cycle is different, and here's why you should give it a try. Maybe you hate the monotony of your average spin class, which always leaves you bored and tired after the first 10 minutes. Or maybe you're just a dude who's been in a few too many female-only Cycle classes, and you'd much rather go to Circuit, because it's a better workout... right? 

CAMP Cycle is more than just 45 minutes on a stationary bike. It's a fast-paced full-body workout that's just as fun as it is difficult. We use hand weights and push-ups on the handle bars to target your upper body, as well as tapbacks and isolations to target your lower body. You'll even work your abs as you twist and crunch it out to the beat. Speaking of the beat, we do emphasize riding to the rhythm of the room, but we also don't expect you to be perfect. So if the beat is a little too fast, feel free to just do you. Your ride is your time, not anyone else's. 


But is it actually that intense of a workout? Cycle is often marketed as a cardio dance party, and in some ways, that's true- you can always expect to hear some sick beats while in class. However, if you're looking for a serious cardio workout, this is the class for you. One of our regular CAMPers wore a heart rate monitor during his last Cycle-Yoga blend, and he burned more calories in those 60 minutes than he did in Circuit. No offense to Circuit, because we love all of our offerings. But Cycle is a kick-ass workout! 

We also understand that Cycle can be polarizing. It's typically seen as a female-only workout, but we don't see any reason why it needs to be gender-biased. If you're a dude, and you're really not into the idea of doing tapbacks, skip them. Nothing is mandatory, and our instructors won't make you feel bad for doing your own thing. 


We often get asked about our themed rides, from TRL to the Rock vs. Hip Hop ride Danielle taught this past week. Basically, we want Cycle to be as fun as it can possibly be. We think adding themes to our rides encourages a more exciting, upbeat atmosphere, and it gives our instructors the chance to get creative with their music. So try to go into themed rides with an open mind, because they're always a blast! 

Overall, CAMP Cycle is always a good time. All of our instructors bring different energies, so make sure to try all of them before picking a favorite. Just know that you can't go wrong- your instructor will be your coach, your DJ, and your inspiration, and we promise you'll leave feeling way better than you did before. 



Bianca Burrow and the Vitale Brothers turned CAMP's vision into a reality. The Vitale Brothers are responsible for the external artwork, AKA the murals and landscape art that make CAMP the visual landmark it is today. Meanwhile, Bianca is the one behind all the Instagram-friendly details and murals, as well as the CAMP swag you see people rocking all over Tampa. Because let's face it- CAMP wouldn't be CAMP without the totem poles or the t-shirts. But what was the inspiration for CAMP's artwork? And since you all are obviously fans by now, where else can you find their work? We interviewed Johnny and Bianca for these answers and more. 


How long have you been an artist? 

Johnny Vitale: I got started the first couple years out of high school. I was a waiter for a while, and I always did signs for the places I worked for. Somebody suggested that I start my own business- that was about 26 years ago. 

Bianca Burrows: I went to UT and did a lot of paintings on canvas while majoring in Art & Design. I also used to work at Pizza Fusion, and when they asked if I did murals, I said "sure," and it kind of grew from there. Soon after, I started working at a printing and sign shop, where I learned how to use vinyl- this is where mixed media came into play for me. I started doing more murals, then CRG hired me as their art director, where I learned the importance of branding, especially for all the restaurant concepts. Now, I've learned how to tell a story about a brand through art.  

Johnny, what made you want to get into business with your family? 

JV: I'm the oldest brother. As I started along this path, I reached out to my brother, Paul, who wasn't doing great in high school at the time. We were all trying to go somewhere with our lives, so we decided to team up. 

Where does your aesthetic come from? 

JV: Years and years of doing commercial art. At this point, we have every style under our belt. Basically, our style is all styles. When we do things for ourselves, we lean towards pop art or highly detailed illustrative art. Joey is an amazing portrait artist. Paul can paint anything. I tend to lean towards pop art. I like things that make people happy. 

BB: I really get involved with each concept- for CAMP, I made a lot of signs out of wood. I pretended that I would be walking into a summer camp and asked myself- what would you see? I live the brand, so my aesthetic changes. 


What made you want to get involved with CAMP? 

JV: I've done work for the Lanzas for a long time- we did Green Lemon. Since the beginning of our work at CAMP, I had a real appreciation for Jamie's vision. It was very direct, and she didn't just leave it in our court. She was inspired a lot by Wes Anderson, which was cool. 

BB: I actually started off as a server in Ciccio's. I always got involved- at one point, I saw a poster, and since I went to school for Art & Design, I told the owners that it didn't look good. I found myself getting emails from CRG, asking me for my opinion on things. Then, they hired me as a part of their marketing team, which hardly existed at the time. I also had a healthy baking baking company, and I started selling my cookies at Daily Eats. Eventually, when FK became a concept, I started selling my cookies there, and I became more heavily involved in CRG, especially with the executives, at that time. A couple years ago, Matt introduced me to Jamie, and when Matt and Jamie got engaged, I did a creative Save the Date mural on Howard. That's how Jamie and I got super close, and it's only evolved from there.


What was your inspiration for CAMP's artwork? What all have you done for CAMP? 

JV: I saw her direction, and when I saw that big canvas, I saw it as a big backdrop, like a camp itself. I knew that I had to do something that made it into a campground, with everything cool about camp in the middle of Tampa. I took it from just being signage on the front of the buildings to wraparound murals. It was a simple concept, but it does a lot for the eye. 

BB: I've done everything from the t-shirt designs, to the indoor murals, to the window decor- those binoculars that allow you to peek into the Circuit and Cycle rooms. That particular design was based on Moonrise Kingdom, the Wes Anderson film. We took a boring regulation, where there had to be a peephole in the windows, and tried to fit it more within the brand. 

Did you go to summer camp when you were little? 

JV: I never went but I watched a lot of summer camp movies. I was actually a Cub Scout but I got kicked out because my parents wouldn't buy me the right shorts. 

BB: I never did. My mom loved me too much. 

What's your favorite part of CAMP's artwork? 

JV: I like the totem poles the best. But it all works together- without the setting they would make no sense.  

PS- In case you're wondering, we've named the animals on the totem poles. Mr. Gainz is the bear, Duke Ellington is the elephant, and Mr. Bigglesworth is the cat. 

BB: I love the signs over the water fountains. They're so playful, and they turned into a cool way of saying that CAMP offers filtered water. 


What's your inspiration for your art? 

JV: Before we get started, we like to ask ourselves if this is something we want to paint. If we don't like it, we'll heavily offer other suggestions until we sway our client. We know what looks good and what doesn't. That's our inspiration- if we like it, then they'll like it. 

BB: I use Google a lot. For CAMP, I watched Moonrise Kingdom 2 or 3 times. But whenever I start a new project, I'll rely heavily on the brand book, and do a lot of extra research as well. I'll also look at other artists for inspiration. I'll find 5 murals in the area, and pick one aspect from each mural that I like and might want to incorporate into my work. 

What's been your favorite piece of art to date? 

JV: We just finished something for ourselves, which was a mashup of Disney meets Spongebob in St Pete. My kind inspired me to do it- it's pure eye candy. It's a nod to the 80's, as well, with the checkerboard print, lightning bolts, and bubblegum design. It's super pop art, which I love. 

BB: I love the murals that I've done, especially the one in Hyde Park for Surf Outfitters. I also love the bathroom art that I did for Better Byrd in St. Pete.  

What do you hope to achieve through your art?

JV: Now, where I'm at in my life, I like art and our company for what we do. We provide a service for people. The artwork  has become such a part of us, and where it advances, only time will tell. At the end of this month, a sunglass company, Born in Brooklyn, is having us do mural work for their convention. We're going to do portraits of people born in Brooklyn, which I'm excited about. Projects tend to come our way, so we just keep the momentum going. Honestly, my art right now is really this movie I'm working on. But we are working with Matt and Bianca on a new design for Green Lemon, which will start to come about in the next couple of days, and that type of rockstar work is what really keeps me going. 

BB: I hope that people who see my art are able to learn all the great things about the brand, as well as the brand's love for their customers. I want people to get all of that information in a fun, creative way. People don't want to read 10 sentences when they could see it manifested artistically on a wall. 


Johnny, tell me more about this movie. 

JV:  It's about an urban legend that everyone knows in St. Pete called the Mini Lights. Basically, there are these clown midgets from the Ringling Bros circus back in the 40's, and they lived with this lady named Mini Lightning. She was a voodoo priestess. Now, if you're little and you don't get back before sunset, the clowns turn into mini beams of light and they chase you home. Everybody knows about it in St. Pete, on the South side and the North side. So we decided to make a horror film about it. I'm really excited about it- this is what really gets my creative side going these days. 

And Bianca, I know you're on our website as a yoga instructor at CAMP. Tell me a little more about that. 

BB: Yes! I got certified at Y7 with Jamie this past summer. I didn't initially get certified to be an instructor- I just wanted to deepen my practice. But when I was there, it was all I was doing, so I started really wanting to teach. I still want to teach, but I'm so packed with art, and I'm traveling all the time. Eventually though, I do want to teach yoga, especially Hip Hop Yoga at CAMP. 


You can find the Vitale Bros' work on their website, here. You can find Bianca's website here. Make sure to follow the Vitale Brothers on Instagram at @vitalebros and Bianca at @badonkzart. 


Behind the Megaphone: Meet KIM!

Kim is talented beyond words. Not only is she one of our most dynamic, powerful Cycle instructors, but she's also a rockstar. She's a guitarist and singer in her band, called Funny Bunny- she's actually played live music for a couple of our yoga classes, alongside her super talented husband! Born and raised in Tampa, this girl was meant to be on stage. Though she's only been cycling for a year, she's really come into her own here at CAMP, and we're #blessed to have her as part of our team. Read on to find out more about Kim, what she loves about CAMP Cycle, and what she simply can't get enough of (hint: you can find it in our refrigerators). 


What made you decide to become a Cycle instructor?

It was actually on a whim. I had only ever even taken a handful of cycle classes before applying at CAMP, but I have always loved group fitness classes, and secretly thought maybe one day I could be an instructor in the far off future. But I had been laid off from my previous job, and was in a bit of a rut when I came across a post on for Indoor Cycle Instructors. I thought it sounded way more fun than a desk job somewhere, so even though I was scared, I said "why not!?" and set up an audition. I'm so glad I took that chance because it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

What is your favorite thing about instructing at CAMP?

So many things. Our team is so strong and supportive of each other. Everyone is willing to help everyone at the drop of a hat. Also having Jen and Jamie as bosses is truly the best. They are so caring and supportive and have gone above and beyond countless times. I also love seeing the CAMPers grow stronger. Our riders are getting so good, it's really exciting to see. I feel like a proud mom.

What is your favorite sector in Cycle? 

It changes every few weeks... but right now I'm really digging the Hill Climb, and I always love a Traveling Push-up.


What other classes do you like taking at CAMP? 

The other teacher's cycle classes. I learn something new every time I take another teacher's ride. And Hip Hop Yoga is addicting. My goal is to take more Circuit and Ashtanga.

Did you go to camp when you were little? 

No, I wish! I thought all the cool kids went to camp. I unfortunately never had the opportunity.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A famous singer/musician. Still working on that one and won't be giving up any time soon. ;)

What is the best class you've taught so far?

I did a "One Hit Wonder" ride a few months ago that was really fun. It was a great group of people that came and it was hilarious and silly. We even did the Macarena as an Arm Sector. Other than that, I feel like the best rides happen when the group of people in the room have a ton of energy and are all ready to kick ass with you. We feed off of each other in those times and it's intense and the most fun.


What do you wish the CAMPers knew about what goes on behind the scenes?

Maybe how much work we all put into our classes behind the scenes. Especially when we were just getting started, it would take me hours and hours to make a playlist. Thankfully, it's become much easier. And I have fun doing it...most days! Haha. ALSO! I've never seen more cookies, donuts, candy, etc. in a break room than I have at CAMP! STOP BRINGING THAT STUFF EVERYONE! I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF AROUND IT!

Fave CRG concept? 

They are all so great, but I end up getting Ciccio's to go for dinner the most. But really... I love them all and crave them interchangeably.

What product at CAMP could you not live without?

BLUE ROSE BLUE ROSE BLUE ROSE!!! I LOVE this freakin' Kombucha. I can't get enough of it.

Inside CAMP Yoga

If you haven't ventured over to the steamy oasis we call CAMP Yoga, you're in for a treat. Just from an aesthetic standpoint, our yoga building is beautiful. Imagine practicing on our eco-friendly cork floors while natural light pours in from the many windows in our studio. If you're lucky enough to attend a class early in the morning or at night, you'll be able to practice by candle light. Then, of course, we have our instructors, who are all extremely talented practitioners as well as motivational teachers. Every one of our set sequences is delivered with originality and creativity, so you'll never get bored at CAMP. Plus, we're always adding new classes, so you can constantly expect something new and exciting on the horizon, from yoga with weights to a combo of power flow and restorative. 


But with so many offerings, our Yoga schedule is bound to get confusing. Read on for some more in-depth descriptions of our many classes, including ones that are new to our schedule for March, as well as some insider tips for new yogis!


This Hatha-based class is a great option for both newbies and experienced yogis alike. People unfamiliar with yoga will love the long, 5-breath holds, which emphasize alignment and activation and are perfect for people who can't keep up with a typical flow class. Experienced yogis will love the emphasis on breath, as it will give them a chance to get deeper into their practice. This class doesn't involve music, as you move to the sound of your own breath, so it's a great option on those stressful days where you need a more meditative element to your practice. And though this class is marketed as a great option for beginners, it's still super hard- so yes, you'll still be sweating by savasana. 


This Vinyasa-based class is more fast-paced than Root, but it is still built around the framework of a set sequence with many of the same postures. The major difference is the addition of numerous chaturungas throughout practice (AKA tricep pushups), as well as a more difficult peak posture, meant to challenge and inspire without seeming overwhelming. This isn't a class where people are constantly popping into handstand, so it's still a great class for new yogis. Just make sure you feel comfortable doing a vinyasa, even a modified version of one, before attending, as that will be asked of you throughout practice. 



This 75-minute class is similar to Root Flow, just a little longer and a little more intense. The Hip Hop beats add a dynamic aspect to the practice that will inevitably make you work harder and sweat more. Plus, since this class is offered at night, you'll be able to practice in a studio surrounded by candles, which adds a really magical element to the experience. Jamie leads this class twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7PM. We're also adding a 60-minute Sunrise Hip Hop class at 6AM on Wednesday morning, so get ready to sweat to Biggie in the early AM. This is one of our most advanced classes, but it's also one of our most popular, so keep that in mind before signing up! And always arrive 15 minutes early if you're coming to Monday night Hip Hop- you don't want to get stuck without a spot on our most popular night of yoga. 


This class used to be Yin, until we started getting really into the use of restorative props. Now it's a combination of Restorative and Yin, so you can expect elements of both throughout class. Essentially, you'll do super long holds (5+ minutes) of postures that stretch out the tissues left untouched in a typical yoga class AKA what happens in Yin. But you'll also do long holds of more chill postures with props like bolsters and eye pillows, which allow you to reach a savasana-like state of zen throughout your entire practice. Each week, a different part of the body will be targeted, so you'll always be super relaxed and limber after Sunday night Restore! This is a great class for all levels, because let's face it- we all need to relax. 


Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice that emphasizes the breath. It is built around an intelligently designed set sequence that puts you in a state of meditation, even while you're working harder than you've ever worked before. At CAMP, we practice a modified half primary, which is still super challenging without requiring you to put your foot behind your head. You can expect to connect to the more traditional elements of yoga in this class, while also having fun and challenging yourself to reach new limits. If you want to read more about Ashtanga and its history, you can do so here



This brand new, 60-minute class is based on our Root sequence, but adds in the use of hand weights and cardio movements to make your workout even more challenging. Root Sculpt is unlike any yoga class you've ever taken before, especially with the addition of fun, upbeat music- think Major Lazer and Matoma. This is a great class for people reluctant to try yoga, as it removes some of the intimidating elements of yoga without taking away the essence of the practice. Prepare to sweat more than you've ever sweat before in this fast-paced, high-intensity class! 


45 minutes of power flow + 30 minutes of restorative = best class ever. This well-rounded sequence will give you everything you need to dominate the rest of your day. Instead of Netflix-and-chilling with bae, come to CAMP and Power Flow and Chill. We promise you won't regret it. 


CAMPer of the Month: Susan!

Susan Stromberg is always at CAMP. If you don't know her, she's the one who's always smiling and making friends with her fellow CAMPers. You can likely find her mastering new poses in Yoga and sprinting in the saddle in Cycle. But once upon a time, Susan was a new CAMPer, and she wasn't nearly this into fitness. Though she used to be an athlete, she suffered from a knee injury that took her out of the game for several years. She also had two kids, both of whom became full-time responsibilities. Fitness fell to the backburner- until she started coming to CAMP. Read on if you're in need of some serious #fitspo- Susan's a beast, and we can all learn a thing or two about dedication from her! 


Do you remember your first class at CAMP? 

It was Danielle's Cycle class. After class, I had to pull over on MacDill and sit on the side of the road for 20 minutes, trying not to throw up.  It was great, and I loved it, but it was so hard. I hadn’t worked out in 5 years. 

Why the break from fitness? 

I used to be an athlete, but then I had my kids, who are 4 and 2. The last Cycle class I went to while I was pregnant was horrible.  I couldn’t keep up with it anymore. After that, I just stopped working out, especially after having two knee surgeries. 

What changed? 

One of my biggest motivations has been that I didn't want to just be someone who "used to be an athlete," but someone who actually is an athlete. And after only a few months at CAMP, of coming to classes that I love and enjoy, I see and feel the transformation. I do feel like an athlete again, and that's pretty awesome. 

I know you've become quite the yogi. Why Yoga? 

One day, I talked to Jamie about my knee issues, and she inspired me to come to Yoga. I started with Yin with Amy and fell in love. It became a thing- I wanted to make sure I got to every Sunday night class. Once I started learning some of the poses, I started coming to as many Root classes as possible. Just recently, I started with Flow, because I understand the poses better. I actually just did one of Jamie’s Hip Hop Flow classes, as well as Rock 'N Flow. Now, I want to keep coming back to CAMP as often as I can. I’m in the phase right now where every time I come to a class, I’m able to do something I wasn’t able to do the class before. Sometimes it’s something so simple- like touching my toes, or getting my back flatter in a posture. Today, it was getting crow for the first time. I was so excited, I was basically giddy. I didn’t even know that was a goal of mine until I accomplished it. 


What do you love the most about CAMP? 

Everything. I’m a nerd for CAMP. My friends have actually started making fun of me because I talk about CAMP all the time! Everybody who works here is so friendly and has been so helpful throughout the whole process. I grew up going to summer camp, so just the name won me over from the beginning. Plus, Jamie and Jen run it beautifully. I try to be friendly- even with the people you don’t know, there’s an undeniable camaraderie that exists between all of us. It’s just a comfortable place to be. 

What's your regular workout? 

I’m here at CAMP every day- this is all I do now. I really notice just a day or two away from it. It’s amazing how much you miss it when you don’t have that outlet- where you’re not thinking of anything else but working out. 


What’s your spirit animal? 

My kids- they're both little campers! 

Proudest CAMP accomplishment?

Getting crow, as of today! But it keeps changing. I'm excited to see what I accomplish next! 

Favorite CRG restaurant?

We go to all of them. Green Lemon is pretty strong right now. We go to Fresh Kitchen a lot. And we get a lot of sushi from Water.